As I am settling into the HubPages community, I find myself floored by its amazing special programs!

First I became acquainted with HubNuggets, which not only involves insanely hilarious weekly hubs but also fun voting and a chance for new Hubbers to step up and strut their stuff.  Then I discovered HubMob, helping Hubbers bust through writer’s block with new and exciting themes every week.  Next I came to meet the site’s wonderful HubGreeters, who make HubPages feel like a real, neighborly community, doing the online equivalent of bringing warm apple pie to new families on the block.

HubTrails blew my mind with the extent to which it has already mapped the world, and the HubChallengers out there inspire me in my own efforts to write and publish regularly.

Even though HubPages’ special programs are amazing, many people don’t aren’t involved in their activities- probably because they don’t even know about them!  In an effort to increase awareness, I’ve written up Learning Center explanations of each program so that you can easily refer to a single source when trying to figure out what they’re all about.  Check them out below:



The most wonderful thing about these special programs is that they’re run and made possible by volunteers from the HubPages community.  These amazing people have done a great deal to improve our writing, Hubbing, adventuring, and general lives.  They certainly deserve an enthusiastic round of applause!

If you’re interested in joining these volunteers, or if you have an idea for another special program that can make HubPages even more awesome than it already is, drop me a line.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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4 replies on “HubPages’ Special Programs

  1. Great hub, i am still a new hubber and did not know about the special programs until I found your hub on the home page.

    After I have been here a while and can think of any suggestions I will drop you a line.

  2. Thanks for the reminders and providing us hubbers with insight into the various programs and community opportunities. Hubpages is a great place for writers and it just keeps getting better.

  3. Simone,
    what a helpful hub! Thanks for sharing your discoveries. I’ve been a hubber for two months and was unaware of many of these special programs. It’ll be another exciting area to explore.

  4. Hi Simone,
    I want to join as volunteers this program, I am new here & not experienced like others but I like hubpages by heart (I think this is sufficient reason for adding me in this program 🙂 ).
    I specially want to join “HubNuggets” & “HubGreeters”. Also send a email through hubpages “contact us” mail, but not receive any reply.
    Please add me in these exciting groups

    Thanks in advance

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