We have always encouraged you to share your hubs on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg (to improve page rank and increase readership), but HubPages itself has been a bit quiet on the social media front.

Not anymore!  We’re getting back on the social media horse and shall be giving you regular updates from Twitter and Facebook.  This means you can be the first to get updates on new contests, great hubs, and new site features.  It also means you won’t have to wander about aimlessly to find out what’s going on.  Huzzah!

If you’re on Facebook feel free to “like” our page, and follow us on Twitter.  I assure you, a hefty dose of fun awaits.

Also, keep in mind that we’ve updated our company profile on LinkedIn, and if you’d like to put that you’re a HubPages writer on your resume, by all means go ahead!  I’ve been reading some brilliant hubs lately- definitely material worth presenting to potential employers.

In the future, we hope to ramp up social media integration and efforts even more.  If you have any particular ideas you’d like to share with us- tips on how we could make things better or notes on certain features you’d like to see, let us know! We’re happy to hear from you.

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4 replies on “HubPages & Social Media

  1. If you plan to use Facebook as in “This means you can be the first to get updates on new contests, great hubs, and new site features,” I sincerely hope that you will also continue to post in the forums as well. Especialy when it involves changes to the site.

    There are only so many hours in the day – and my hours don’t include Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I like the fact that I can come to work on HP, quickly check the forum, see if I need to know about anything new and get to work.

    I certainly understand the use and need of social media to grow HP. I just hope it won’t become the preferred way of communicating with us.

  2. So glad you’re on Facebook now. I will definitely continue to check in on the forums and keep my communication with you guys & any other authors all within Hubpages. I actually need to get back in there & write more hubs, myself.

  3. Its great news – Atleast Twitter integration seems almost necessary for Hubpages, waiting for it patiently. This definitely lets hubbers join & stay in touch with other hubbers & keep track of their hubs over social media..

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