I’ve noticed a common pattern amongst HubPages users- they typically join with one motive in mind (e.g. earning money or finding a creative outlet), but find that HubPages is full of hidden surprises.  Many comment on the unexpected value of the HubPages community, and others have been surprised by how HubPages has allowed them to hone their writing and develop a voice they never thought they had.  Hubber cjv123 found something altogether different- press coverage!

Not too long ago, a producer from Fox News found cjv123’s writing on HubPages and emailed her about doing an interview.  cjv123 was kind enough to share her interview process (My Fox News Interview and HubPages) as well as her thoughts on the interview itself (My Fox News Interview Video).  Lucky for us, she was also willing to answer some questions on her overall experience of being discovered on HubPags!

Check out the Q & A below to glean cjv123’s thoughts about the unexpected adventure, as well as her suggestions to Hubbers who might also want to be discovered online:

1. Now that some days have passed since the interview and your initial reactions, what are your thoughts of the whole experience?

As a writer, you’re always hoping someone, somewhere out there is reading what you write on-line. I’m still tickled when someone does read what I write and very grateful when they take the time to read my Hubs and no less leave comments. I never (honestly) dreamed Fox News or any producer from any news organization would be reading my Hubs. Despite the fact that I know Hubpages turns up on most all the major searches if you use the proper tags.

2. What originally inspired you to join HubPages? What did you hope to get out of the experience?

What originally inspired me was – I wanted to find a forum where people would actually have the opportunity to read “the fruits of my labor.” I was on another blog – which shall remain nameless – and no one was reading it. I also blogged on a Christian website and while my blogs were in the top ten there, I felt it was time to stretch my creative muscles and write about other topics not necessarily associated directly with Christianity. I searched and what I liked about Hubpages was your content had to be unique to Hubpages. I also liked the fact when I did do random searches to test the Hubpages claims – I saw Hubs pop up in the results. What I hoped to gain was a following (if my Hubs deserved such), so that when my novel-in-waiting was published – whether by a publisher or if I self-published, I could hope to sell a few copies. I also confess – it was to hopefully show the publisher who has agreed to view my entire manuscript “Lookie, see — people actually read my writing!”

3. When you started writing on HubPages, did you ever anticipate hearing from the media or get any particular attention?

Absolutely not. I honestly looked at others who had achieved Hubpages success and was happy for them never dreaming it would or could happen to me. However, if it ultimately will help sell my book(s) then I’m all about getting my Hubs noticed!

4. Why do you think that the producers at Fox News chose you as an interview subject?

Thanks to Hubpages – I had written about the right topic at the right time regarding the War on Terror and because of my Hubs turning up on search engines – a Fox news producer stumbled on them. I make it clear in my “about me” page who I am and what I’m about and they just happened to be looking for a point of view from both a military wife and military mom.

5. Would you like to get more media coverage in the future?

Honestly? Not really – however – if the publisher who has my manuscript publishes the book, you betcha! Part of the obligation you go into when you publish a book is – as an author, I promise I will try my absolute best to make sure my book sells. You give your word so of course in that case, yes, I’d seek the media attention. Otherwise – I honestly do not wish for it. I work for a celebrity and I can not tell you how many times, standing in the sidelines I’ve watched all the attention he gets and think, “Thank God that’s him and not me.” Not that I’m shy, but it truly is a lot of work to be “on” and all the demands made upon you and your life. So I do not envy nor covet that attention.

6. What advice would you give to other Hubbers who would like to be ‘discovered’ on HubPages- for news interviews, perhaps, but also for networking, finding a job, getting published, etc.?

Well, I would say read all that you can about how to get your Hubs noticed. Read other Hubs about this very thing as well. That’s how I started. One key thing I can’t say enough is TAG WORDS. That is so important if one wishes to be read beyond their own Hubpages social circle. Plus, really think through your titles. Don’t just slap some words up there. Try to think of something in your subject matter that would make you notice an article if you did a search and think, “Hmmm, now that one sounds intriguing.” Your title is important. Another important thing is be careful about your grammar and punctuation. Check and recheck your spelling. These key elements seem to be a lost art these days, but an incoherent, poorly written Hub won’t get the attention it deserves even if the content is amazing. If an agent is perusing the internet and they come upon two Hubs, one with proper spelling and grammar usage, and one on the same topic sloppily written, it’s no contest. Take the time to check and recheck your work for mistakes. I think this really goes a long way no matter who you wish would notice your writing. Then Tweet, link your Hubs on Facebook etc. and keep on Hubbing!


Thanks cjv123!!  If you’d like to keep tabs on cjv123’s latest Hubs and HubPages activitiy, follow her~

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9 replies on “Getting Discovered on HubPages

  1. congrats on your successful interview..hope someday I could be like you..keep up the good work

  2. Hi cjv123, I remember my grandmother telling me when I was a little girl that a job worth doing is worth doing well. Congrats on your interview and thanks for the tips on networking. Thats the part I’m not good at but I’m learning. I think that Hubpages is a fantastic forum in which to start writing and get noticed. Cheers. Amanda.

  3. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave comments. I know how busy everyone’s life is and I thank you all for your kind words about the Fox interview! Keep Hubbing and may ALL your dreams come true!


  4. Hi cjv123, I am very new to hubpages and need all the advice that I can get, thankyou so much for some great information and congratulations on getting the attention that you deserve. All the best. James.

  5. I just joined HubPages to find a job, not to be in the spotlight or to be rich but for my sanity. I hope one day, CHANCE will smile at me…

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