…and only you have the power to bring a brighter dawn!

Ok, that’s a little dramatic, and yes, it even rhymes.  You might even call it a great example of bad writing, which is precisely why it’s a perfect way to direct your attention to the Dark And Stormy Night Finalists in need of your votes!

For those of you who missed the submissions round, this blog post will give you an idea of exactly what the contest is.   In a nutshell, the idea is to try to write the worst opening line to a novel that you can imagine.  We got a lot of amazingly bad entries, which made sorting through and picking the finalists a very difficult (but hilarious) job.  In the end, the HubTeam narrowed it down to just ten, and now it’s up to you to pick the over all winner!

Some of the entries had to be disqualified, due to the fact that they were not actually one sentence, prompting this delicious diatribe by the contest’s host, the lovely lmmartin:

  • “Dark and stormy night, dark and stormy night,” the poor, tortured woman was heard to whimper plaintively as she tossed and turned on her sweat sodden mattress, unconsciously ripping out shocks of hair by the roots with hands showing badly chewed nails and bleeding cuticles, trembling and jerking in nervous tremors as they wiped at a face tear-stained and swollen, and indeed, so piteous was her state that he reached forward to comfort the miserable wretch, only to pull back, startled, as she suddenly and abruptly sat straight up and screamed, “ONLY ONE SENTENCE!”

So head on over to the official voting hub and cast your ballots.  We want lmmartin to keep her hair… or at least have pulled it out for a reason.

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2 replies on “The “Dark & Stormy Night” Rages On…

  1. Ahhh this competition has been absolutely fabulous from the get go. There’s been some hilariously bad yet great entries and it grew in popularity as time marched on. A wonderful community event and lmmartin should be commended for pulling this one off! Good stuff HP – and lmmartin most especially 🙂

    Oh yeah and when are you gonna let me write the blog? You guys are too stiff, corporate, you know … you’re staff and all that … needs a little lean green frogaliciousness injection, ya know – that certain je ne sais quoi *insert gallic shrug* 😉

  2. Well this is one of the most interesting types of writing contests I have yet to hear, or read about. It’s probably a first in the history of the literary arts showcase.

    Actually I think, it must take a fairly creative writer to come up with the worst possible writing line, and, to have that line accepted. Great ideas keep coming out of the Hubpages think tank. That’s one reason Hubpages is growing by leaps and bounds.

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