Believe it or not, when I’m lurking through the forums day-to-day I’m doing more than just amusing myself with what gets posted in the Religion section — I’m also looking for great Hubber stories that need to be shared with the rest of the community. One of my favorite types of story to share is when a Hubber reaches their first $100 payout from Google, which is always a very exciting and memorable milestone for anyone who is looking to generate some earnings here on HubPages.

The latest ‘YAY!!! I made payout!!‘ forum thread was posted just a few days ago by a habee, a Hubber who has been a part of our community for over 5 months, but who has just started getting serious over the last couple. I shot her over some questions so that we all could get a better sense of what helped her get to the  sometimes seemingly unattainable first payout and here’s what she had to say:

1. I guess that some champagne is in order — according to this forum post you have officially hit your $100 AdSense payout for the first time, ever. Did you earn all of this first payout on HubPages and what was it like seeing that total add up to more than $100 bucks for the first time?

Yes, Ryan. It was all from HP! I was psyched! Even if I enjoy a lot more success here, nothing will ever match the excitement of this first payout.

2. According to your profile you have been a member of the HubPages community for over 5 months, but you also said that you have real just gotten down to business and writing more Hubs in the past 2 months, which has resulted in your first payout. What made you step up your writing the past couple of months? Did something change that we should know about?

Well honestly, I spent most of the summer in the pool or at the beach!

3. The topics that you write about range from Asbestos to oyster sauce — how do you decide what ends up getting written and published from your HubPages account?

I have a wide range of interests – practically everything interest me. Sometimes I think about associated adclick value, but sometimes I just write for fun – you know, humorous hubs that might bring a smile to readers.

4. You have published over 200 Hubs, which is quite a feat in itself. How do you stay motivated to keep on creating content and what has kept you sticking around HubPages for these last couple of months?

I have to write – if I don’t my head will explode! I think writing has been a good substitute for my teaching skills since I have retired. Writing keeps my brain from turning to mush! lol

5. There are many Hubbers out there who are still looking for their first payout from Google. What types of advice, tips, insider information would you give them now that you’ve made it to your payout? Also, how would you go about learning how to write on HubPages if you just started today?

I’m probably not a good person to answer this query – I’m technologically challenged. If I were more computer savvy, I’m sure I would have reached payout sooner.

6. Now that you’re going to be getting an additional $100 a month now from Google, what are you planning on spending it on? 🙂

I’ll probably spend it on my grandchildren. I have seven!

7. Any last thoughts that you want to share with the rest of the HubPages community? This is your chance.

I’d tell hubbers not to give up. I was very disheartened to start with, seeing only a few pennies in my account. The viewers and adclick revenue seem to grow exponentially, however.

Thanks to habee for answering these questions and if you’d like to become her fan so that you can keep up with what she’s doing from here on out (I just did), add her now by clicking here. Oh, and if you would like to see what kind of amazing progress she has been making on HubPages these past couple of months, look no further than the graph of her daily Hub views, which you can see below. Not too shabby, eh? 🙂

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9 replies on “The Payout Chronicles: Hubber habee Gets Her first $100 Payout After Getting Serious

  1. Well done Habee!

    Seen you around the forums and all that jazz, maybe now I can actually check out your hubpages!!

  2. Congrats Habee! I wish you continued success and profitability. Thanks for all of your encouragement in my new foray into HP – it has been wonderful!

  3. Wow, as I have watched just how slowly those google pennies add up, I am in awe of your success. But thanks for the encouraging words… and advice to “get serious.” Well done!

  4. Sun is setting and perhaps night will fall.Darkness alround but it is not the end of tunnel.I move on and know for sure,there is end where there is beginning.I moved on and on,hoping for the light.One may falter,fumble or even fall but one must remember,there is light at the end.True it is and I see the glimmer and at last light.I move on and on.So the life goes on.When night falls,one must remember,there is another day.Life must go on.Light and darkness are parts of whole,It does end one day but that day is far off.Thus I begin my Hub pages.

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