Here at HubPages we not only try to give you the best possible self-publishing platform that the web has to offer, but we also try to offer you world-class writing tools that will help you become the most successful Hubber possible. An example of one of these helpful tools that we offer is the Idea Bank, which is a place for any Hubber to go if they are wanting to find a great topic to write a Hub about. Here’s how we explain it more specifically:

It’s rich with topics readers want to know more about

Many writers who come to HubPages are eager to start writing, but may need some help deciding on a topic. The Idea Bank provides you with a list of topics. Thanks to HubPages technology, we’ve determined that these topics are requested by Internet users and have the potential to produce traffic.

Scan through them. Some may be right up your alley, while others may spark a  new found interest that will lead you on a whole new path of discovery. Either way, the Idea Bank is full of topics that people are eager to learn more about. Look through it for fresh, new Hub ideas.

I won’t go into detail how we find these topics and the truth is it’s more complicated than a guy like me can even understand, but even though I don’t really know how we come up with these high-potential Hub topics, I am the one who gets to approve them so that they show up for all of you to use. This is a pretty fun job because for about every good topic that I add to the Idea Bank there are probably about 15-20 that I end up deleting for one of many reasons. Some of these rejects are a little too risque’ for HubPages, some don’t make any sense at all and some are just plain ridiculous. It’s kind of fun sifting through these topics sometimes and since I’m usually the only one who gets to see the rejects, I’ve saved a few of them so that I can post them here for all to see.

Here are a few of these topics that didn’t quite make the cut for the Idea Bank — let’s see if you can figure out why:

  • How to sleep eyes open – I’ve never really wondered how to do this, but I guess that it would come in handy at work if you wanted to sneak in a quick nap.
  • How to end marriage – Even though this is potentially a high-traffic topic, I couldn’t get myself to post it into the Idea Bank. I mean, I am getting married in about 20 days, so it just didn’t seem right.
  • How to end the world – I’m not sure who is searching for this, but I definitely don’t want them to find the answer. Please don’t write a Hub on this.
  • How to catch a squirrel – I’m sure why you’d ever want to catch a squirrel, but I guess there are some people who are dying to know.
  • How to cheese – Your guess is as good as mine on this one.
  • How to break your wrist – Now why would you ever want to know how to do this? Of course, a simple answer to this would be “Buy a skateboard”.
  • How to dress nerd – This is probably what my mom would have Googled if there was such thing back when I was growing up. I was definitely a nerd.
  • How to sleep in – I’m not sure who was searching for this, but I’m sure that we could help them out with this. Simple answer: “Don’t get out of bed until after noon”.

OK, so those are some of the more interesting rejects that will never see the light of day in the Idea Bank. I hope that you enjoyed them and I guess that if you really feel like writing a Hub on one of them, the topic is now yours for the taking. However, if you ever are needing to find a great topic that’s a little more normal and has high seach potential, be sure to head over the Idea Bank to see the ones that actaually passed the test.

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10 replies on “The Idea Bank Topics That You’ll Never See (The Rejects)

  1. Gamergirl, beaten you too it! I’ve written a hub about ‘how to end the world’, I didn’t include how to catch a squirrel though – that would be just irresponsible lol.

  2. “How to cheese – Your guess is as good as mine on this one.”

    They explained that one pretty good in a south park episode… involves cats & nastiness.

  3. The idea bank is great because that is where i found a topic to write on, and it opened up my brains to develop it into a series of many hubs.
    So so helpful, especially for newbies, which i was at the time.

  4. Thanks for the idea bank it makes perfect sense to have a way to brainstorm evergreen topics, that people are searching for online. Hubpages you Rock!

    P.S. and the rejects were funny too!
    P.S.S. Getting married!!! Ryan Congrats to you!

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