It’s once again time to check out the latest and greatest Hubbers that HubPages has to offer and the Hubs that they have published for all the world to see! We like to call these Hubs ‘HubNugget Wannabes’ because until you and the rest of the HubPages community votes for them and puts them into the top 5 of the 10 Hubs that are listed, they aren’t officially a HubNugget yet. It’s totally up to each of you to decided which ones deserve to be HubNuggets and which ones don’t.

So, when you get a chance, be sure to head on over here read some of what the newest Hubbers have to offer and place your vote for the on that you like the most. Remember, voting for the HubNuggets is your Hubber-given right and something that you should take advantage of each and every week!

Posted by:HubPages Admin

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