I was looking around in the 30 Hubs in 30 Days HubChallengers forum today answering some questions and what-not when I took a look a one of the Hubs that was posted in the HubChallenge links thread (which is where you should be posting all of your HubChallenge links once you get them published). The Hub is called College Freshman: Preparing to Move On Campus and was published by a Hubber named Jane@CM. The Hub from a content perspective is amazing. It has really informative content, it’s laid out well and it’s got some really good meat to it, so as far as my standards go, this Hub passed all of my tests for being of high quality (which is what they all should be, right?).

Well, although the content looks great, I had a few suspicions about the title and whether or not it has been given the full HubPages potential that it deserves. After looking at the keyword opportunity for the topic that Jane write this particular on I would have to say that I was right in second-guessing it. After doing about 5 minutes of keyword research I found another great keyword that Jane should probably add into the title and into the Hub if she wants to max out this Hub to it’s full potential.

To show how I came to this conclusion, I created another video so that you can all see exactly what I’m talking about (I promise I’m not crazy). Check out the video below or over here on YouTube when you get a chance and let me know what you think…and to all of you HubChallengers out there — keep it up!

UPDATE: Paul Deeds just sent me over a great blog post that was written by Matt Cutts, the man when it comes to Google’s accepted search practices. It’s called SEO Advice: Writing useful articles that readers will love and it talks about some of the same things that I mention in the video, although I take it a step further and add in some information about how you can determine what your potential earnings might be as well.

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16 replies on “HubPages Tips: How To Use Keyword Research To Turn A Good Hub Title Into A Great One

  1. Hi Ryan, thanks for posting this. I find it really helpful as I’m getting to understand more and more about keywords. Oh, by the way, I noticed that you wrote in your first sentence “10 hubs in 30 days Hubchallenge forum” umm would that be 30 hubs? hehehe

    Many thanks again.

  2. Excellent video – you captured in less than 5 minutes what many gurus charge hundreds of dollars for.

    If you are looking for another example, I would really appreciate some feedback on my hub – I have done everything I can to optimize it – lots of original content, 5 really good videos (not mine!), some good links, news, useful RSS feed – it is so packed full of content and yet is scoring around 67. Have I put too many keywords in?


  3. I’ll take a look at the video. I’m sure many of my titles are probably good. A couple are “great” I believe . . . many probably need revising.

    There’s a fair amt to learn about Hubpages . . . it’s a great place to write for the educational aspect . . . but it does leave me with questions . . . like why my hub score dropped dramatically in the past day . . . from 96 to 87 . . . oh, well . . . I think I can grasp some of the reasons.

    Thanks for the videos . . . they’re quite helpful.

  4. This is really helpful for me as I am so computer unsavvy. When you make factual information so simple, so desirable, I just must make use of your great tips. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Getting page one ranking on Google is very difficult for most people. The secret is finding keywords that are not so competitive and typically this means you need to find long tail keywords that have not been discovered by a lot of people. That is what any keyword tool that you purchase should do, at a minimum, and that is where I spend a good chunk of my time – mining for long tail keywords you can check out Search engine marketing tool

  6. I’m just starting to understand how to use the tools to do proper keyword analysis. I find that many of the web tools give opposite results for the same keyword. Maybe I am just not interpreting them right.

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