The Results Are In

Thank you all for voting in this year’s Hubbie Awards! Without further ado, here are the results:  

  1. Best All-Around Article:15 Ways to Keep an Old Dog From Slipping on the Floor
  2. Best All-Around Hubber: @billybuc
  3. Forums Guru:  @theraggededge 
  4. Newbie of the Year: @brendaarledge
  5. Funniest Hubber: @paradigmsearch
  6. Most Bizzare Article: 7 Hilarious Talent Show Ideas
  7. Most Inspiring Article:Luna the Savannah Cat’s Remarkable Recovery From Deadly FIP With GS-441524 (or EVO984)
  8. Most Versatile Hubber: @aliciac
  9. Most Active Hubber: @kennethavery and @pamela99
  10. HubPages Lifetime Achievement (Staff Picked): @ericdockett

If you’re on this list, congrats! Please email within the next two weeks with your full name and shipping information so that we may send you your prizes. Winners will receive a custom tote bag and journal. 

Art by Ken Gascon (sparkelstroke) via

Posted by:Samantha Cubbison

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