Great news! As many of you have heard, we’ve been working on a way for Hubbers to manually submit articles for consideration to be chosen for our HubPages Network Sites. We have finished work on this feature and it is now up and running. We have also created a way for Curators to request small changes from authors that would allow specific articles to be chosen. Here’s what you need to know about each of these new features:

Article Submission

You can only submit one article every 60 days.

We know a lot of you have many more great articles, and we will get to them in time, but we want to make sure our Curators aren’t overwhelmed with submissions and have enough time for the rest of their work. If we find that our Curators are able to get through these articles more quickly than anticipated, we may shorten the submission time frame, but for now, think of it as a way to give your very favorite articles some preference for selection. You may want to consider submitting your highest-quality and lowest-traffic articles first—lower-traffic articles are likely to be further down in our selection queue.  

You must certify that your article meets the guidelines.

Since submissions are still extremely limited, we want to make sure Hubbers are making the most of the ability to submit articles for consideration. When you submit an article, you will be asked to certify that it obeys a number of required guidelines for consideration. We recommend thoroughly reviewing your article for these issues and to make any updates you think are needed before submitting.

You must choose the best HubPages Network Site for your article.

As part of the submission process, you will be asked to select the site you think would make the most appropriate home for your article. Please familiarize yourself with the HubPages Network Sites and their subject matter before submitting. You can see a full list of the sites in our announcement post.

How to submit an article:

  1. If you’re ready to submit your first article for consideration, simply visit the live article and click the “submit to a HubPages Network Site” button in the black bar above your article’s title. This will begin the submission process.
  2. Click the check box that certifies that your article follows the guidelines for link inclusion and then click the “Go to the Next Step” button.
  3. Check the box for all the following certifications (after making sure your article does indeed meet the requirements) and click the “Go to the Next Step” button.
  4. Finally, use the dropdown menu to select the site you would like to submit your article for consideration to and click “Submit My Article.”

Your submission will not be finalized until you click “Submit My Article,” so feel free to close out of the submission window to make further edits if you decide it’s necessary. Your one submission per 60 days will only be used up once the “Submit My Article” button has been clicked.

Curator Requests:

A Curator will email you requesting changes to your article.

Our Curators sometimes find themselves passing up otherwise good articles that have small, easily-fixed issues. For this reason, we have provided a way for Curators to email Hubbers and request specific changes. Going forward, you may receive an email from one of our Curators with such a request.

Make the requested changes.

If you receive one of these emails, the first step toward having your article reconsidered is to make the requested changes. Be sure you follow all the Curator’s advice before submitting. Articles that are submitted without the requested changes will not be considered for inclusion.

Submit your article via the article submission interface explained above.

Once you have made the requested changes, use the article submission option by following the steps outlined above. Submitting an article with changes a Curator has requested will not use up your 1 submission per 60 days, so doing so will not remove your ability to submit an article of your own choosing as well.

Thanks for helping us with this process of preparing and selecting articles, and Happy Hubbing!

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13 replies on “Author Submit Feature and Curator Requests

  1. So if I understand correctly, if I submit an article which is accepted then I can submit another before the 60 days are up? Kinda confusing the way the blog’s worded. Can you clarify a bit?

    1. Hi Randy,

      No, we will only be allowing one submission per 60 days currently regardless of whether your Hub is accepted or not. However, if one of our curators comes across one of your Hubs in the course of selecting from the backlog and requests changes from you, you will be permitted to submit that Hub in addition to one of your choosing. Does that make sense?

      1. Now it quite clear. Otherwise, it’s been a bit messed up in the blog post. It seemed to mean that when you submit one hub for a niche site, the curator will be calling you to make certain changes and you submit it after making those corrections. Thereafter, you can submit one more hub for being included in another niche site (perhaps without passing through the curator’s hands). That was it’s purported meaning.
        Now, you have removed all these ambiguities. Thanks for it, Christy.

  2. This is a good idea. Kudos to you guys.
    So, after a/an hub/article has been officially approved by the curators, can it still be edited?
    Just like editing a hub on Hubpages after it has been featured.

      1. Wait a minute, “MOVED!” You mean the hubs will be moved (removed) from Hubpages after sharing it with an external website?

  3. I submitted a hub and changed my mind and want to submit something different. Is there a way to cancel the one I asked for and submit another? Just wondering.

    1. Once you get the message that your Hub has been submitted there is no longer a way to halt the process, though you can close out of the submission window any time before that and your article will not be submitted.

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