Hello Hubbers, I have a quick announcement this afternoon. In order to promote quality content on HubPages and ensure the best reader experience possible, we’re changing the way broken links will be handled in Hubs.

When Hubs contain broken links, those links will now display with a line through them, and when clicked on, a warning will appear notifying the reader that the link is no longer functioning.

We’ve decided to implement these changes in accordance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines which state that quality sites should have few broken links. Along with providing more transparency to readers, the new broken link warnings will have the added benefit of making broken links invisible to Google.

Hubbers will still receive a warning when links become broken, and as always, it’s a good idea to fix or delete any broken links asap.

Here’s what the new broken link warning will look like in Hubs:


These warnings will only apply to broken links that appear within the body of the Hub. Links in comments will not be affected.

Posted by:christykirwan

5 replies on “Broken Link Changes

  1. Will we be able to fix our broken links and get rid of the strike-through ourselves? Or can only HP staff eliminate them?

  2. An excellent feature this – I hadn’t seen this blog about it until directed here by ‘relache’ on a forum post I made about the strike through. It’s only a little feature but it is a benefit for hubbers and a great benefit for hub readers, making acknowledgement of the inevitable occasional broken links much more professional in appearance, rather than obliging a reader to click on a link, only to get an error message. Cheers

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