Hi there, friends! Matt M and I get the occasional referral question in the Forums, and it occurred to me that many Hubbers are probably not taking advantage of our HubPages Referral Program because they don’t know about it and/or because they don’t understand how it works. It can definitely be a little confusing, but it’s well worth the effort. Here’s the scoop:

What is the HubPages Referral Program?

The HubPages Referral Program is a way for you to share HubPages with your friends and family and earn a little bonus for yourself. Just refer new writers to HubPages, and if they sign up using your link within 30 days, you’ll get 10% of their Hubs’ impressions forever.

Does that mean new Hubbers I refer have to give up 10% of their impressions?

Nope! HubPages gives up 10% of our impressions. When you refer a new Hubber using your tracker, that Hubber gets the normal 60% of impressions, you get 10%, and HubPages gets 30% instead of our normal 40% (but we gain a great new Hubber). Everybody wins!

Can I refer as many people as I want?

Yep! There’s no limit to the number of writers you can refer to HubPages with your tracker. The more the merrier!

Cool, so how do I refer people to HubPages so that I get my bonus?

This part sounds complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you’re signed in to your account. If you have several accounts, be sure you are signed in to the account you want the bonus to go to.
  2. Visit your Feed and scroll to the very bottom.
  3. Click “link to this page” in the footer.
  4. Copy your referral link in the appropriate format and give to a friend.
  5. Your friend must sign up within 30 days and not have clicked on someone else’s tracker in the meantime in order for you to get your bonus, so encourage your friends to create an account and start writing ASAP.


Pro Tip: The “link to this page” option shows up at the bottom of every page on HubPages, so you can include your tracker even when you are sharing specific Hubs online.

Do you have any banners to help me promote HubPages on my blog or website?

We sure do! You can find an assortment of ads for promoting HubPages on our Banners and Badges page. Don’t forget to replace the URL in the code with one that contains your tracker so that you get credit for all your referrals.

Happy Hubbing (and promoting)!

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5 replies on “Help Us Promote HubPages and Earn Lifetime Referral Bonuses

  1. Thanks I am new and had plans to look this up. Someone referred me in with their tracking code and I plan to be successful in Hub pages.

    Will the person that referred me see the bonus coming from me?


  2. This is a wonderful way for HubPages content creators to not only keep their hubs interesting, but most importantly, increase affiliate revenue and gain online authority. Was wondering by chance how hubbers can currently create an RSS feed out of their published hubs? Please do inform. Thanks so much for your assistance.

  3. What I’d like to point out as a long- time site member is that this program is only going to earn you anything noticeable is if you manage to sign-up extremely prolific and skilled writers. The average earnings from average or less-skilled writers is pennies at best.

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