We are in our last week of the contest!  Here are Monday’s results!

Number of Featured Hubs on Monday, March 24th: 154
Daily HubPot: $19.25
Weekly HubPot: $19.25

Top 10 Hubs of the Day:

  1. CWanamaker: The Wooden Cradle: A Story of a Handmade Christmas Gift
  2. easylearningweb: Niagara Falls Photo Gallery
  3. Artois52: 8 Famous authors who have published under pseudonyms
  4. swilliams: The Dissolution of The Hohokam Tribe
  5. RonElFran: Why Lubuntu Is A Good Alternative To Replace Windows XP
  6. P T Linsley: Top Tips For Sportive Cycling
  7. nooch01: Infamous Second Son Powers Guide: All the Types You Can Get and How They Work
  8. ologsinquito: When Going to a Community College Won’t Save Money
  9. Chiyome: Dragon Lady: Empress Tz’u-hsi
  10. JMcFarland: Writers Wanted – Online Writing Sites for Extra Cash

The winner chosen using random.org, is…
#10 Writers Wanted – Online Writing Sites for Extra Cash by JMcFarland

Well done, Everyone!

Posted by:Robin Edmondson

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