Hubbie AwardIt’s that time of year again!  In celebration of HubPages’ 7 Year Anniversary, we are excited to announce the 3rd Annual Hubbie Awards! We invite you to cast your votes for the best Hubs and Hubbers of the year. Those who win will be awarded with one of the most rare and coveted Accolades on HubPages (not to mention the admiration of the entire community) and a fabulous HubPages t-shirt!

Before visiting the official voting form, peruse the awards below and make a list of the Hubs (and their URLs, which you’ll need for the form) and Hubbers you think should win each one. You can only cast your vote once, so be sure to have all your selections ready.

Voting will be open from now until Tuesday, October 1st (votes cast after the 1st at midnight PT will not be counted). Be sure to let your voice be heard!

Hubbie Awards

  • Best All-Around Hub

  • Best All-Around Hubber


  • Forum King

  • Forum Queen

  • Most Likely to Become a Millionaire

  • Funniest Hubber

  • Most Political Hubber

  • Most Religious Hubber

  • Best Poet

  • Best Photographer (A new Hubbie Award!)

  • Best Teacher

  • Most Likely to Go Viral

  • Best Fiction Writer

  • Best Community Activist

  • Most Helpful Hubber

  • Most Supportive Hubber

  • Most Cheerful Hubber

  • Best Avatar

  • HubPages Class Clown

  • Most Likely to Become a HubPages Employee

  • Most Likely to be Banned in the Forums


  • Most Interesting Hub

  • Most Useful Hub

  • Most Beautiful Hub

  • Most Informative Hub

  • Funniest Hub

  • Most Awesome Hub

Cast your votes now by visiting the official Hubbie Award voting form.  Good luck, everyone!


Posted by:Robin Edmondson

5 replies on “2013 Hubbie Awards!

  1. Thanks for having the Hubbie Awards again. I just voted. 🙂

    I have one suggestion… I would love to have a Best Recipe Hub option for next time. There are so many great recipes on HubPages.


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