We understand that it can sometimes be frustrating to publish a Hub only to find after that first Pending period that it is not Featured, and therefore will only be available to your friends and followers via social media shares, the HubPages Feed, HubPages search, and your Profile. While we have always presented the option of editing a Hub to improve its quality score and be re-assessed by our Quality Assessment Process, many of us find the prospect of improving the quality and utility of our work to be cumbersome.

We are therefore introducing the option to sponsor non-Featured Hubs so that they are Featured. Sponsorship fees will vary depending on the Hub’s quality rating; very low quality Hubs may cost as much as $100 to Feature, Hubs that are just on the edge of the quality rating threshold can cost as little as $5 USD to Feature.

The Price Breakdown

A breakdown of the price scale is as follows:

  • $100 USD: Hubs with low quality scores that would also otherwise be moderated for having Overly Promotional content
  • $100 USD: Hubs with low quality scores that would also otherwise be moderated for having watermarked and pixelated images
  • $75 USD: Hubs with a quality score between one and two
  • $50 USD: Hubs with a quality score between two and three
  • $25 USD: Hubs with a quality score between three and four
  • $5 USD: Hubs with a quality score of five and above that do not meet our minimum quality score threshold

Though we do not show quality scores on Hubs, we will show prices on Hubs that are not Featured. The minimum quality threshold is above a five and below an eight, but because human quality ratings have a margin of error, we recommend striving to create Hubs that meet our criteria of an eight on our Hub rating scale (this will give you a very safe margin of error).

As you can see, we present two options in which Hubs violating our publishing standards may be both published and Featured for a fee. Unfortunately, enabling other publication standard-violating Hubs to remain published on our site would endanger our ability to host ads, so as we would like to protect Hubbers’ ability to earn money from their work, we have to leave these off the table.

How Payment Works

Members of the HubPages Earnings Program are eligible for this program as their HubPages accounts have been connected to their PayPal accounts. While Hubbers who have accumulated sufficient ad earnings have the option to simply pay with accrued but unpaid earnings, those who have not yet earned much money can simply pay through PayPal- without leaving HubPages.com.

Quick Responses from the HubPages Staff

As we are now making it easier to purchase services through HubPages, will be rolling out an additional feature with this update to the Quality Assessment Process: the ability to pay HubPages for responses from our support team and the HubPages staff.

Again, the price breakdown:

  • $10 USD: Response from the support team (about Hub moderations and account issues)
  • $10 USD: Response from Matt Meyer (about technical issues on the site)
  • $10 USD: Response from Marina Lazarevic (about ad issues)
  • $10 USD: Response from Robin Edmondson (about improving one’s Hubs)
  • $0.10 USD: Response from Simone Smith (discount on account of bad advice and outright lies)
  • $50 USD: Response from Paul Deeds, who knows HOW EVERYTHING WORKS
  • $50 USD: Response from Paul Edmondson, HubPages’ CEO

Unpaid communications will go unanswered.

Please stop by this page for more information on these new features and to ensure that you are properly set up for payment.

Posted by:HubPages Admin

12 replies on “Sponsored Featured Hubs and Communication Improvements

  1. Sounds like Simone Smith will be an overworked easter bunny as a result of the above pricing structure

    Can I throw something into the mix? Instead of having watermarked or pixelllated images I’ll happily provide a hubber with some sports related images- for a small contribution as the content itself could be considered worthwhile for the search engines, just held back by the poor images.

    1. Hey, as long as I can share bad advice, I’ll keep responding until the cows come home.

      And Liam, I love the idea. Also, it would just be awesome to see random sports images on recipe and craft Hubs!

  2. Funny! You had me going for a while. I wish I had seen this earlier since it gave me ideas about what I could have done for April Fools Day.

  3. Oh, no! I’m ashamed to admit I fell for this…hook, line, sinker. I’ve only just discovered it was an April fool when I read the “What we’re working on” forum post. Feeling stupid? Yep… 😦

  4. This article scared the bejeezus out of me…until I got to the part where your responses only cost $0.10. Excellent prank, even if I found it a little late. 🙂

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