We just love this great Hub by Sunday Best from one of our favorite Exclusives last month. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for these, so keep up the great work, Hubbers! Here are our top 10 favorite March Exclusive Titles:

  1. Curing Your Family’s Addiction to Reality TV
  2. How to Make a Wish in a Wishing Well
  3. How to Look Good in Guyliner
  4. What Is an 80s Power Ballad?
  5. How to Respectfully Disagree with Your Priest
  6. How to Eat Vegemite
  7. The Various Headbands of Taylor Swift
  8. What Is the Orange Fungus Growing in My Mulch?
  9. How to Live Comfortably in an RV with Kids
  10. How to Choose Artificial Office Plants


I hope you will consider creating a Hub using one of these promising premises. I know I’m particularly curious about the orange mulch mystery fungus, and who doesn’t love 80s power ballads?

Want some inspiration? Here’s a little taste of what talented Hubbers have been doing with Exclusives this past month:

Remember to check out HubPages Exclusives guide in the Learning Center should you want to give Exclusive Titles a try and not be familiar with the feature.

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