Back in January we released some improvements to the HubTool that included visual tweaks and a more conveniently-located summary box. At the same time, we also introduced a feature that was only rolled out to 10% of Hubbers. Though still in beta form, we will be making this feature available to the community as a whole this week.

What is it? A new box to the right of the HubTool titled “Need Some Goals?”

The Need Some Goals box responds to the content of your Hub in real time, providing helpful feedback and giving you some insights into how you might add more depth and media to your Hub. As you add more words, photos, and other capsules to your Hub, various icons in the box get checked off. The box also features written tips, quick links to Learning Center guides, and a display of your Hub’s current word count (something many, many Hubbers have been asking for).

The numbers of words, images, and capsules we recommend are based on data we have regarding our top performing Hubs. You can learn more about how our research drove the design of this feature in the Learning Center.

Once it rolls out, please let us know what you think of the feature, and feel free to suggest better titles for it as well! Somehow, “The Need Some Goals Box” doesn’t run off the tongue very nicely. 😉

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12 replies on “Need Some Goals? Visit Your HubTool This Week!

  1. Hi Simone, I just published a new hub, and found the new features very helpful. I am new on HubPages, and my latest hub might be the best so far.

  2. The goals tool is great! Can I suggest a couple of changes
    Change the “?” symbol to “Cp” of “C” for capsules => ? is a bit obscure!

    “Use multiple Text Capsules with descriptive, concise sub-headings to increase your chances of gaining search traffic.”


    “Use multiple Text Capsules or H2 Sub-Headings which are search friendly.”
    Your Subheadings count is XXX

    [XXX = count of H2 headings which includes Text capsule headings (H2) in html and H2 added within a capsule]

    1. Thanks for letting us know the “?” is not clear enough, John Anderson. We can look into improving that.
      We actually prefer that people use multiple Text Capsules over one Text Capsule with a bunch of H2 subheadings, so we probably won’t change that, but thanks also for the suggestion!

  3. It helps to view them as goals, thanks. Why not just refer to the Goals Checklist when writing about it? It’s not like everything on the Goals Checklist is compulsory when constructing a hub. They’re still just goals. 🙂

  4. Simone, congratulations! This is really a great feature. I’ve already adapted a few of my hubs according to your specs and the improvements are amazing. Thanks!

  5. Overall, I think the “Need Some Goals?” feature is great. I had never thought about the titles under my screenshots, photos & other images. When I was prompted by “Need Some Goals?” to use these titles to draw in readers, I went back through the hub I was writing and used richer and more appealing language. I’m going to go back through all my hubs and spice up the titles. Thanks for the great tip!

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