The year is almost up- are you ready to embark on your goal-seeking quest?

Before you begin, let us address one final thing: setbacks. I bet you have some awesome objectives, and want to be sure that unexpected twists or a lack of inertia stop you from achieving them.

After all, people would not achieve amazing feats, such as making it to the peak of high mountains and winning major wars, if they turned back at the first sign of trouble.

Here are three things you can to do push back against the challenges you’ll face as you pursue your 2013 goals:

Expect setbacks

Setbacks are inevitable. By expecting and planning for them, we can keep unexpected hardship from derailing us entirely. While it is impossible to know exactly what setbacks you will encounter, it is easy enough to build leeway and protection into your goals.

Even if you cannot completely plan for a setback, simply expecting complications will make it easy to bounce back when they come. Anyone can bounce back from a shattered goal-achievement process so long as one wasn’t depending on a finished piece that didn’t have a bit of glue holding it together.

Regularly check in

Some goals are not derailed by setbacks, but rather inertia. Either one does not see as much immediate positive feedback as one expects, or one simply loses focus.

One thing you can do to avoid this folly is to schedule regular goal checkups. Have a friend check in with you, or schedule times to evaluate yourself, as the days, weeks, and months of your goal achievement process progress.

In the past, I have written letters to myself in the future to be opened at specific dates. When I receive those letters (full of hope from my past self about achieving some sort of goal) I feel all the more compelled to continue my work and not let her down.

After all, we all secretly hope that our past selves would be proud of our present selves, right?

Don’t give up; adjust

Finally, when the going gets tough, don’t give up- just adjust! Say you lose an entire month of your goal-achievement journey due to illness or an unexpected family emergency. Don’t let that setback stop you from striving. Simply move your timeline back, scale down your workload, and keep on moving,

The only thing you should not change is your persistence and optimism! With a hearty dose of those, you can most certainly win!

[Image by nightowl, Public Domain, via pixabay]

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