Photo by Simone SmithAs product reviews are amongst the most popular forms of online reviews, we want to be sure to share some product Hubbing tips that will give you an edge in this super-competitive space.

In addition to straying away from product keywords as we mentioned in our post on using Exclusive titles for review inspiration, we encourage you to do the following things:

Only review products you have purchased or worked with

Genuine reviews are the only reviews readers care about. Those looking for information on a product want to hear about its strengths and weaknesses from the horse’s mouth, so as soon as they realize that an author has not actually come into contact with a particular product, they are very likely to click away.

Compare and contrast

Even if a product is terrible, it may still be the lesser of other evils. Be sure to mention how good a product is relative to the competition (and no, you do not have to buy a competing product to reference it, though it’s best if you do some research).

Incorporate your own purchase research

Before buying a product, we often do some research (both online and offline) to ensure we get that which best fits our needs. Take notes as you embark on initial fact-finding missions. After you purchase your product, incorporate those initial findings into your final review.

Wait a while before you publish

Good reviews are those written by people who have had a decent amount of time to test and use the product in question. While it may be tempting to write a review right after you have unboxed it, wait a while. Initial frustrations may subside and new problems may crop up; only time will tell if a product is really good in the long run.

Pack your review with data

The more information you include in a review, the more useful and share-worthy it becomes. Include as many facts, figures, prices, numbers, and feature details as you can. Bonus tip: Presenting this data in Table Capsules makes it easier for readers to digest this information.

Make your review attractive

People respond well to images in almost all cases, but with reviews, it is especially important that you provide visual information, and that your images are your own. By using original photos, you can prove to readers that you really do own and use the product in question.

Have these tips inspired you to write a killer product review? Good! Now is the time to write it. By publishing a Hub containing the Ratings Capsule set to a single or multiple person rating during the month of November, you are automatically entered to win anything from $25 to $200 in cash prizes. Stop by our official Rigorous Review Contest page for rules and entry details.

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3 replies on “Tips on Writing a Great Product Review

  1. Sure every review should attract the readers. If it’s not attract people cannot evaluate whether the product is useful or not.

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