Earlier this month, we encouraged you to use original images in your Hubs and share them with us to give the community some ideas on how to best incorporate original images into excellent reviews.

Ktrapp stepped up to the plate with an excellent set of images used in her review of the Bissell Deep Cleaner, along with some reasoning as to why she chose to take some particular shots:

My goal with all 17 photos from my Bissell deep cleaner Hub was to show that I really purchased, assembled, and used the product so as to give my review credibility. Not to mention, a picture visually illustrates what might otherwise take sentences to convey in words, and may catch the attention of someone just skimming the Hub.

I decided to open the Hub with a photo of the Bissell box and my dog taken in my family room in order to (a) capture the reader’s attention, (b) quickly convey a problem/solution, and (c) show that this review was written by a real homeowner who used the product.

When I opened my Bissell carton and was surprised to see that it only took four screws to assemble the cleaner I decided to photograph it so I could show that not only did I really purchase the product and put it together, but it was incredibly easy to do.

Another photo that I feel lends credibility to my product review is the dirty water being poured down the drain. Not only does it once again demonstrate that I actually used the product, but it shows that it works.

The photos ktrapp included in the review absolutely add credibility to the Hub- it is very clear that she bought, assembled, and used the product she reviewed. Her images make it clear what the product looks like in action and give readers a fantastic idea of what they might expect from it.

The words she added to the first image add additional personality to the Hub and make it more fun to read (we’ll admit that not all reviews are very engaging or make us feel like we are reading something written by a ‘real person’ who has pet hair problems like the rest of us).

I am so glad that that ktrapp included assembly and maintenance images as well as photos of what the product looks like in use. It is very good to know about all the aspects of using a product if one is considering buying it, many reviews leave out important details about putting products together and cleaning them out.

All in all, ktrapp offers some great inspiration for image use in reviews. I hope her excellent deep cleaner Hub inspires you to have another go yourself! If this will be your first time submitting a contest entry, be sure to stop by our official contest page to read the reviews and submission requirements before you get started.

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for sharing your tips with us, ktrapp!


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One thought on “Review Photo Inspiration from ktrapp

  1. Its funny, but I have heard that writing anything over the top of a pic really encourages people to comment whether that be on your blog or facebook or here at hubpages.

    Some good tips, thanks,

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