While it is fairly easy to create high-potential titles with a bit of research, we know that many Hubbers (HubPages staff included) would prefer to focus mostly on Hubs themselves- not their titles. We’ve also heard again and again that if there’s one thing Hubbers would like more of, it’s writing prompts and title ideas.

Having worked long and hard to find an optimal feature to address these preferences, we are happy to announce Exclusives: high-potential titles that appear right on the Create a Hub page.

Exclusives are available to Hubbers with a Hubber Score of 80 or above, so once you reach that level, you will be able to access these titles by typing a keyword into the title bar of the Create a Hub page. Though you will only be able to hold on to four drafts of Exclusives at one time, there is no limit to the total number of Exclusives you can ultimately claim and publish.

The body of Exclusives from which you can draw is continuously growing, which means that you’ll see new and different titles over time. If you don’t like the Exclusives that pop up, you can rest assured that in a couple of weeks, there will be new titles draw from.

If you have a HubScore of 80 or higher, we hope you enjoy this new feature. If you’re not yet to 80, here’s another reason to build up your HubScore- you can do so by regularly publishing high quality Hubs. For some tips on doing so (and some inspiration), stop by our Learning Center guide to creating a stellar Hub.

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15 replies on “Extra! Extra! Read All About HubPages Exclusives!

  1. The link to Exclusives gives the error, page doesn’t exist. I am assuming since it pops up when you enter a word into the title area of a hub, the link to Exclusives is just more information?

    Really helpful to have a new writing tool. Truly a perfect addition to Hubpages writers. I like doing the research to create a keyword based title, but there are times it is harder to come up with the right title to get attention.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that broken link, Brenda! I’ve fixed it.

    The Exclusive title that appears is a title that you have the option to claim and use. I hope you enjoy the feature!

  3. What a great idea and I can already confirm it has worked for me in practice. There is a Hub I have wanted very much to write for at least a couple of years but have never quite been able to settle on the right title. I think I maybe pondered too long (instead of just getting on with it) and was never likely to find it on my own.

    Probably more in hope than expectation, I submitted one of my keywords in to this new system tonight and lo and behold, there it was – the title I have been seeking. I hope to have the Hub published over this coming weekend.

    Thanks HP not only for this tool but for helping to finally put one of my ghosts to rest! 🙂

  4. I’m finding that the exclusives appear and disappear so suddenly, it’s actually hard to read them all and decide if you want to claim one. Any chance that a slightly longer appearance time could be made?

  5. I’m very pleased with the “Exclusives” feature, but also confused. Which is the score that must be 80 or over, the number on my profile or the average number for my Hub Scores at the top of the column in statistics?

  6. Yup! I got the broken hubpage error, too. So, I went to the front page and found this link in the right hand column. Got all this news in the newsletter email. Thanks. Great feature. It appears that the HIGHLIGHTED EXCLUSIVE shows up when the owner of that title edits their article. Otherwise, it does not show publicly that it’s an ‘exclusive.’

  7. I’m so glad to hear the tool worked so well for you, Gordon Hamilton!

    Rae, when I type a keyword into a bar, the dropdown of options does not move. Are you mousing away from it? One fix would to be to not mouse over the dropdown menu of Exclusive options until you’ve read all of them.

    Joan, the number to watch is the one on your profile. That’s your Hubber Score.

    Astralrose, there is no time frame. You can work on it for as long as you like, though we say: the sooner you publish, the better!

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