Chances are you’re incredibly busy. So are we! That said, just because we have a lot of responsibilities does not mean that we have to sideline our writing careers. There are plenty of ways in which one can regularly publish online articles while still managing a rigorous work and home life. In this week’s podcast (Creating Hubs while Crazy Busy), we outline three ways in which this can be easily done:

  1. Make use of your old work by converting essays and research papers into rich online articles: We outlined this process in last week’s podcast. It’s quite easy, and is a great way to make the most of great work you’ve already done!
  2. As you explain something to a friend, colleague, or family member, record your explanation for use in a Hub: You can do this by copying the text that you wrote in a letter or email, or turning on a dictation app when you’re explaining something to a friend verbally. Doing so kills two birds with one stone, and also makes it easier for your friend to find your advice should they forget it! Besides, if your tips are useful for one person, they’re more than likely useful to many people, which means that Hubs you create in this manner may get a decent amount of search traffic.
  3. Write your articles while you wait: Make the most of your commute, time spent queueing, and hours wiled away in waiting rooms and airport lounges by pulling out a notebook, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and writing drafts for Hubs. You’ll be staving off boredom AND getting in some much-anticipated writing.


Here’s one more bonus tip in regard to getting great videos and images for your Hubs: ask friends and family members to do the photography and videography for you! If you’re making dinner for your family, ask one of your kids to film you in the kitchen. If you’re teaching your child how to ride a bike, ask a neighbor to snap a photo for you. Usually, people appreciate being involved in your writing process, and as an added bonus, they may be more likely to share your article once it’s published because they have a stake in its success.

On a somewhat unrelated note, we have decided to put the Online Writing Insider podcast on hiatus. We have had a blast creating these podcasts, but we’re running out of online writing issues to cover. What would you like us to focus on in future blog posts? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 replies on “How to Regularly Publish When You’re Crazy Busy

  1. These are good tips. Another that I’ve found useful:

    When you get an idea for a hub but don’t have the time to research it and write it, jot down the central idea for the hub in a blank document, and every time you think of something else you’d like to say, or you learn something new about it through your research, add it to this kernel. Over time, you will build up a lot of material and you can finish the hub in a short burst.

    I typically have about half a dozen hubs on the go at any one time, and several of my hubs have ‘written themselves’ when I realized that I had enough material to finish them. All I had to do at that point was reorganize and revise what I’d already written.

    The important thing is to write everything down. Don’t try to remember everything you want to say about every subject you want to write about. Writing it down will free your brain to work on other things.

  2. Hi,

    Your hub was very interesting and helping. I have noted it seriously and will try to follow these tips so as to publish more hubs. Keep on writing such informative articles. Congrats!

  3. Great tips on gathering material for publication. I too fill up waiting time at airports and long journeys by taking notes as travel “diaries”. Sometimes I get so deeply involved I nearly miss the plane!

    As for future blog posts, it would be nice to be kept up to date with the final outcome of the new HubPages design.

  4. Thank-you for some great tips. I have found it increasingly difficult to transfer what I have on paper currently to an on-line format. This article have increased my motivation somewhat. It is an added perk that hub-pages can even be accessed at 3a.m. if necessary:)

  5. Thanks for the advice! I’m always trying to figure out how to publish more. All of these ideas are great!

  6. Great ideas, since I am new hub user I am exactly doing the same thing but still to complete and publish.

  7. You know…I start my hubs now and go back to it because i lack the time now. I like that i can go back add and delete as the ideas come. My biggest problem is finding photos. I tend to write what i know, have seen or touched. My kids are not good with photos or video. Hubby can’t either.:( I would use more original photos if i had time to shoot them myself. Thanks for the useful suggestions.

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