We have been keeping you updated on various tests with new Hub designs, but Hubs aren’t the only parts of HubPages that are getting new looks. In addition to refining Hub designs, Micki Seibel has been working for several weeks on creating a new and improved Profile Page.

The product of her work is something significantly more professional, functional, polished, and refined! Check it out:

Curious about the changes? We’ll walk you through the Profile Page’s updates and new features.

More Author Prominence
One of our primary objectives with the new design is to give Hubbers and their personal brands more prominence. This is why we moved Hubbers’ names and profile images to the top left of the page in a bold header that extends across the entire width of the Profile.

Additional Identity
You’ll notice that below Maddie Ruud’s real name is listed below HubPages username (and special status). We know that not all of you are able to choose your real name as your username on HubPages, so we’re giving you the option to share your real name on your profile page, just as you can on Twitter.
If you prefer to write under a pen name or just use your witty online handle, you are free to leave this section of your profile blank. That said, showing your real name can add professional polish to your online profile and demonstrates that there is a real, passionate writer behind your wonderful Hubs.

Social Media Connections
To transform Profile Pages into functional online portfolios, we are adding the ability to list links to a personal website and external social media accounts at the top of the page. This will make it easier for your readers and followers to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, as well as your own personal website.
Maintaining an active presence across multiple platforms plays an important role in online success, so we encourage Hubbers to connect your HubPages profile with as many sites as they please!

A Streamlined Bio
The bio is one of the most important aspects of one’s Profile, so we’re leaving it front and center. That said, we also want these pages to adequately showcase Hubbers’ wonderful work, so to save real estate we are truncating Hubber bios after a certain number of words. These bios will not be cut off; visitors can continue to read them in an overlay should they please.

Are you concerned about the lack of bio space? Don’t be! When Hubbers have long bios, they typically fill them with two things:

  1. Links to external sites: These are now featured in their own dedicated section at the top of the page, so they need not be reiterated here.
  2. Links to Hubs one wants to feature: Under the My Content section of your Profile, which will display by default in what is now the blank section of the image we’ve shared, you will be able to select several Hubs to feature in a carousel.

Because we now offer these more attractive linking alternatives and encourage Hubbers to keep the bio strictly bio-focused, we are additionally disabling links in this section of the page.

Similar Hubbers
To help you both discover and be discovered on HubPages, we are showcasing similar Hubbers on each Hubber’s Profile. This feature will help fans of your work find more Hubbers like you and this will also promote your own Profile on others’ pages.

More Functional Use of Space
There is so much interesting information about Hubbers that it would be impossible to display it all at once on one page. We’re addressing this problem by offering a dynamic center of the page that displays your content by default, but can also display Hubtivity, Hubbers you follow and who follow you, Fan Mail, and recent images you have posted.

My Content
This is the section of your Profile where your Hubs and Videos will be featured. At the top, you have the option to display a specially curated collection of your best work.

Currently, Hubtivity (which displays status updates, comments, Hubs published, Questions asked and answered, etc.) is displayed on your Profile below your Hubs. Almost nobody gets that far along in your profile to actually view it (there are too many interesting Hubs to look at along the way!), so we’re giving this stream of activity its own section.

Hubbers do much more on HubPages than simply publish Hubs. We’re a supportive community of writers who enjoy, comment on, and discover each other’s work. The Hubbers we follow do much to reveal our involvement with the HubPages community, and can also help our own followers discover new writers, so we’re making the Hubbers you follow easier to see.

On HubPages, followers are earned, and you should be proud of the Hubbers who have decided to get regular updates on your work! With this section of your profile, you can display them proudly.

Fan Mail
On LinkedIn, professionals display endorsements from present and past colleagues. Kind words from earnest Hubbers are well worth displaying, so we’re giving Fan Mail a dedicated section (instead of a truncated summary that leads to a separate page listing followers and Fan Mail). It is also to this section that we are moving the “Contact [Username]” option through which Hubbers can email you directly.

Recent Images
Good images are a big deal on HubPages, and play a huge role in a Hub’s success. We’ll be featuring images that you have recently published in Hubs in this new section of your Profile to give your cool photos, illustrations, charts, and graphs the attention they deserve. These images will include a link to their location on HubPages, as well as your source, URL, and caption, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues if you use Creative Commons images.

All in all, we have done our best to make your profile page work for you as a Hubber, writer, and creative individual. We hope you like it!



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65 replies on “A New Profile Design

  1. I’m feeling so foolish! I went through the google+ guide and spent about ten minutes hunting for the text box to enter my google+ url before I saw the text box saying that the feature is only available in the new profile design!
    Well, hopefully it will be functional soon 🙂

  2. I don’t have a social media link on my edit profile. I connected my facebook acct but I can’t connet to Google+ or Linkedin?

  3. One more – when i cut and paste a link to my hubs on facebook or hit share it doesn’t load a preview anymore?

  4. Hi Cashmere! Sorry about that. Hopefully this new design will be out soon!

    Silvershark, the design will become available pretty soon- you’ll be able to opt in before it rolls out site wide.

    Kathy, the social media links won’t be an option until the new profile design is available. Hubs are not automatically published to Facebook when you publish them on our site; you have to share them manually, and when you cut and paste links to Facebook, wait for the preview to load, then remove the URL, and add an interesting comment explaining why you’re sharing the link. Hope that helps!

  5. I don’t know if the “following” feature is the greatest idea. I don’t care if people see who I follow, but it’d likely cause problems with some Hubbers — there’s a whole Westside story thing that’s been going down on Facebook since like February (group vs group.. ppl are like e-scratching each others eyes out over the stupidest stuff) and people in those groups are likely to be butthurt about who is and is not following who.

    (I don’t expect this comment to be published, just really wanted to give my two cents.)

  6. Thanks for the feedback, Melbel! We know that some Hubbers will take this personally, but following/followers appears to be a commonly shared detail across social sites, and we are confident that once people adjust to the change, the drama will die down.

  7. Hey, I’m excited! This change WILL be for the better, especially with all the profile bios I’ve seen littered with link after link. Links to social networks are one thing, but when bios have a surplus of “other” external sites it can get quite aggravating.

    Great thinking, guys. Its why I keep coming back here to publish!

  8. I do like the general look, but the one thing I don’t like is that the hubs are no longer divided by category. I like to quickly look over a hubber’s profile to see what topics they write about. Can we consider keeping this feature? I think that it helps writers to get many more people to consider reading their work. Thanks. Otherwise, it’s just mixed up hubs, and who will know what their niche is?

  9. I really like how the new profile page look and function overall.

    It appears we will not be able to add SEO friendly links to our profile page using anchor text. Instead they will only use an image it seems. And the link I checked on Paul Edmondson profile page was a ‘no follow’ link.

    I have done significant back linking to my profile page and feel that If I want to link to a few of my own web sites I should be able to do so in a SEO friendly way using text and for those links to be ‘do follow’

  10. This looks fantastic and I agree that the additional information will provide Hubbers with added branding exposure. I look forward to this!

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