The Answers section on HubPages is very active this month thanks to the HubPages Know It All Contest, which awards daily prizes to Hubbers who ask and answer Questions.

There have been some great Questions asked so far, and in addition to potentially winning prize money, the Hubbers who have asked them will soon be able to make additional ad revenue from their fantastic queries.

This is because we will soon move Questions to your subdomains and bringing ads back to those pages. The move means that that all of your Questions will be associated with your unique HubPages subdomain (e.g.

Because we’re giving you ownership of your Questions (just like with Hubs), you will have a designated section under My Account where you can view and monitor all your Questions, Answers, and Question Statistics. You will be able to delete your Questions as you please, as well as inappropriate Answers (just like you would remove an inappropriate comment on one of your Hubs).

You will also be able to view the important statistics on an individual Questions (just as you can with individual Hubs) by expanding the stats menu in the black bar on its designated page. By analyzing your traffic graphs, common keywords, and major sources of traffic, you can gain a better understanding of why some Questions perform better than others.

We’ll share some tips on asking search-friendly tomorrow in the Online Writing Insider podcast. In the meantime, keep those fabulous Questions coming! Even if you don’t win anywhere between $10 and $100 the Know It All Contest, you’ll be making a sound investment in potential long term ad revenue!

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12 replies on “Questions Moving to Subdomains

  1. There is always a method to your madness HP staff! Great idea to build this into a contest and help us to generate more revenue!!!

  2. I think this is a great idea!

    Being able to see traffic statistics for questions will be a great way to see how well a topic might do before writing a hub about it.

  3. What a cool new feature! I don’t always like change, but I love, love cool changes like this. Thanks for giving us another opportunity to up our earnings. Awesome!

    1. That’s right, Tina! And the incentive to create Hub Answers remains, as Hubbers earn ad revenue from all their Hubs 🙂
      So Rochelle, while short answers are indeed hard for us to reward, long Hub answers are easy!

    1. We might add an ability to fix mistakes in a Question soon after asking it, but the problem is that once Answers are submitted, Questions should not be changeable. The current option can work in a pinch: just delete that Question and re-ask it.

  4. If whatever is stated here is exactly what you’ll implement, then, these are the best news I have ever heard from you. These incentives to ask questions may result in far more questions than the answerers can handle. To entice for more answers, we may need Hubpages to provide neat examples of ‘short hub answers’ that will not be labeled as sub standard and still will have good hub scores.

  5. Well I think this is a fabulous idea, and I dunno why I’d never thought of it before.

    Glad ya’all did!

    Why in the world would we allowe Webanswers to have all of that when we’ve had the capability right here?

    This is pretty brilliant, in my opinion!

  6. Great idea, I was wondering when this might happen.

    The best idea so far, however, is giving people the opportunity to earn money from their videos. I see HubPages as eventually being a stronger video platform than YouTube once the word gets out that even those not hand-picked by YouTube to be affiliates can earn.

    I’m new to HubPages but impressed!


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