Today we’ll be updating the header on HubPages. This old design:

Will be swapped out for this spiffy new look:

We decided to make this change in an effort streamline our header’s design and leave more room on reader’s screens for your fabulous Hubs.

Our update makes the HubPages header more similar to those on sites like Facebook and Twitter. To navigate to Topics, Hubs, Answers, and Forums, just mouse over the “explore” section. Quick links to sign out or access My Account, My Profile, the HubPages FAQ, and our Learning Center, can be found by mousing over your username.

This new header will appear on the site later today, and is part of a series of design updates we’ll be rolling out in the coming months.

We hope you like it!


Posted by:HubPages Admin

11 replies on “Heads Up! New Header!

  1. Well it is about time. Just kidding. It looks like it will streamline the mouse over work for writers and make my clickity clickness much less messy and sloppy. Not that I would ever clickity click my way through any website. Seriously, looks groovy. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

  2. 😦 I already do not like the “new” activity menu, and having to go to a sub-menu to find “comments you made,” instead of having it right there in the side bar on the “my account” page.

    Every time you change something like this, and create extra steps to find something that used to be up front, it adds time to what we are trying to accomplish in writing our articles, or finding and referencing other articles.

    Instead of changing the working layout for us writers, why not make that bar at the top invisible to all but the owner of that account.

    I’m thinkig of the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  3. I like it– neater and cleaner, but what happened to the feed?
    Is that out now, or just a temporary shutdown?

  4. Nice update:)

    How do we get back to our “feed” or “home” from the profile or account page? I have a feeling I just overlooked it…

  5. OK I found it– but there’s only a ‘home’ button on a page with the old header– like this one.

  6. Why is the list of “Hubbers” no longer available? Or is it, and I just can’t find it? ~Sherri

  7. Thanks for the feedback, y’all! I’m glad most of you are happy with the feature.
    Kris, the feed is still present- all you have to do to get to your homepage is click on “HubPages” in the header.
    Sally’s Trove- we removed it because very few people clicked on it, and we intend to better feature authors on Hubs so that people are discovered through their awesome work and not out of context.

  8. I am able to deal with change, though I was used to the other format and liked it. What I do not like is, I cannot close out of my account unless I work my way from my profile to my account to the learning center so I can work my pointer down between the forefront in order to close out.
    My choices are all behind everything else. Please fix this!

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