While HubPages is a place to be creative, have fun, make friends, and explore, it is also a platform on which online brands, strong portfolios, and even careers are built. For this reason, it pays to present your Hubs- and other online photos, posts, and work you share- with professional polish. VendettaVixen suggested we discuss the importance of appearing professional online in the Online Writing Insider, so listen in to this week’s podcast (The Importance of Appearing Professional) for some tips on giving your online persona a career-friendly makeover.

In the podcast, we touch on the benefits of…

  • Maintaining a presence on major online social networks
  • Behaving professionally on online social networks
  • Establishing a persona (and possibly a profile photo) that is consistent across platforms
  • Using high quality images as profile photos
  • Presenting a succinct, polished, and typo-free bio
  • Carefully editing Hubs before publishing them
  • Avoiding personal rants in Hubs and other online posts

…and more!

Big thanks to VendettaVixen for suggesting the excellent topic. If you have some suggestions for future Online Writing Insider podcasts, send them to us in an email. Our address is podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.


Posted by:HubPages Admin

4 replies on “The Benefits of Professional Polish

  1. This is a great podcast. Really glad I took the time to listen to it.

    In the first paragraph of your hub, though, you spell ‘listen’ without the ‘s’. Just thought I’d point it out.

  2. Thank you Simone for this podcast. It is good to have a checklist so that I can know if I am going wrong, or where I am going wrong.

  3. I copied that because that is how I feel, I’ve just come aboard hub spot…Rock on

    Big thanks to VendettaVixen for suggesting the excellent topic.

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