Are you looking for a quick way to improve the utility, quality, and allure of your online articles? Consider adding some real examples in your work! While it is common sense to include facts and figures in a strong body of writing, any online writers forget to add these all-important elements to their Hubs, posts, and tweets.

In this week’s Online Writing Insider podcast (Tips on Using Concrete Examples), we discuss various ways in which you should consider adding concrete examples and information into your writing. These include:

  • Generally backing up arguments
  • Adding in historical dates and names
  • Referring to actual past events and figures
  • Including statistics and numbers
  • Including charts and graphs
  • Including visual evidence (e.g. photos of an actual product, place, event, etc.)
  • Including examples of a letter or conversation
  • Augmenting personal opinion with personal experiences and external sources
  • Referring to reliable, reputable sources

Adding hard evidence to your work is rarely difficult- often we are referencing it or thinking of it when composing guides and arguments and we just forget to put it in. So next time you write a Hub (or anything else online), make a point of minding your examples, facts, and figures. Your readers will be glad you did!

Is there some other element of a successful Hub that you think we should explain? Tell us about it it! All you have to do is pop an email over to podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.

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3 replies on “Using Real Examples in Your Work

  1. Excellent tip for all writers to make your work credible and add interest and to help a person remember the points. This way when recalling the story, the second story-teller can add that example and so on down-the-line.

    I suppose, like in the ‘telephone game’ sometimes these examples may get distorted or elaborated upon, until someone tracks down the original and can site it. Keep up the good ideas.


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