For the past couple of months, we have been testing out a new feature which will enable you to upload videos directly to HubPages.

With the help of some fabulous Hubber beta testers, we’ve worked out the kinks, and are now ready to introduce Video to the community at large.

The rollout will happen this week, so keep a heads up for a new Videos tab under My Account, and consider what sorts of Videos you might like to publish on HubPages. Video is a great format for recipes, beauty guides, historical subjects, and more, and we can’t wait to see the Videos you’ll be sharing with us!

About Video

Videos on HubPages are different from Hubs, though they come with all the perks and benefits of a Hub. Videos are auto-play, HubPages-hosted videos to which additional capsules, such as Text, Photo, Table, Map, Poll, and Quiz Capsules can be added.

As of now, you cannot turn already drafted or published Hubs into Videos, but this one-time switch will be possible in the future.

One particularly exciting thing about our new Video feature is that it can give your work a great leg up in search results. Have a look at the query I made on weight watchers points below. Robin’s Video on the Weight Watchers Point Plus system has a great preview image, which makes me (and no doubt other searchers) much more likely to click on it.

You will also have the opportunity to earn more ad revenue from Videos you publish, which is most certainly an added bonus.

For more information on Videos and a guide to publishing Videos on HubPages, check out these two Learning Center guides:

We hope you’ll be giving this new feature a try!

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5 replies on “Heads Up: Video is On the Way!

  1. How did you know? The Hubpages Video has inspired me to hook back up with WW as soon as we move next week. I’m a Life Member, but haven’t been in many years. It’s a great way to meet people in a new town too.

    No amount of static advertising could have matched the video message. Great addition to Hubpages! Thanks.

  2. But the 1st step to make an account on ?
    then can access your account and can upload videos?
    plz verify if i am wrong?

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