In our second installment of a short but advice-packed series of blog posts in which we introduce some of HubPages’ illustrious Greeters, I am happy to present easylearningweb. When not publishng fascinating Hubs, managing a blog, computer learning website, and online bookstore, and welcoming new Hubbers as an official HubGreeter, easylearningwebworks as a freelance Instructional Designer and Technical Writer.

Given her interest in education and e-learning, you know that easylearningweb can offer some very useful instructions to HubPages’ newest writers.

Here are her top ten tips for new Hubbers: 

  1. Write with passion about something you know a lot about.
  2. Read lots of other Hubs to learn what’s already out there and to get ideas.
  3. Make a list of 10 or more topics that you want to write about such as hobbies, subjects you have studied, or things related to your career.
  4. Remember to include keywords with each new Hub and read how to tips for keywords on HubPages.
  5. Remember to include a keyword-rich summary for each Hub which is created using Summary link on right side when you are in edit mode. This will boost your search potential.
  6. Write for HubPages because you love to write- not to advertise or make money. Success will come in time.
  7. Make your Hubs’ titles unique and not too general so they are searchable.
  8. Link to other Hubs with related content, from your own Hubs (via link within the Text Capsule as well as the Links Capsule).
  9. Keep HubPages upbeat and positive!
  10. Finally, make each Hub a masterpiece and include images (your own or ones those you have purchased or have rights to), well written text, nicely formatted paragraphs, and links to related videos. Include polls and Comments Capsules, and monitor your progress!


Big thanks to easylearningweb for sharing these useful tips!

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5 replies on “Meet a Greeter: 10 Tips from Easylearningweb

  1. My hobbies are writing, but sometimes writing not also I want to write, so I created this blog, I hope my article was to understand.

  2. Thanks for sharing great information about hub tips.i want to ask one question and my question is what benefit of vote up or vote down ?

    Thanking You !

  3. Hello Fellow Writing Enthusiasts…thank you for all your comments (Hetty, albee and racksjackson). 🙂
    I’m thrilled to see my information being shared on the Hubpages blog!

  4. Thank you for all your comments (Hetty, albee and racksjackson). I’m thrilled to see my information being shared on the Hubpages blog!

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