Although spring doesn’t begin for us here in the Northern Hemisphere for more than a couple of months, the start of 2012 is as good a time as any to do some spring cleaning of your Hubs. It’s an especially important activity if you’ve been here for a while, and have seen traffic to your Hubs slowly wane.

If your Hubs ever got a healthy dose of traffic from Google, and the topic is still heavily searched on today, there is hope! There are some techniques that Robin has outlined our most recent Learning Center entry, Increase Your Traffic by Updating Your Hubs Using These 12 Steps!, that will likely do a great job of reviving once-popular Hubs, and give a boost to those that already enjoy some search-engine love.

Does it really work? It certainly has for many of us. Speaking for myself, I applied the 12 techniques to my account in mid- to late-December, and have seen a (non-seasonal) boost to my traffic of about 21%! Since my earnings generally rise concomitantly with traffic boosts, I’m seeing a great increase in income, and I’m on pace to hit a new monthly earnings record…despite having unpublished over 15 Hubs (admittedly they were never big traffic drivers for my account).

So, give it a shot, and kick out those Hubs that readers don’t like (those with very short average times on page), make meaningful improvements to those Hubs that are getting traffic or once did, and get set to reap the rewards for your efforts!

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3 replies on “It’s 2012…time for some Hub spring cleaning!

  1. These are some really good tips that I’ll start implementing ASAP. I definitely have some really old hubs that need to be brought to 2012. Thanks for the info.

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