Over on our Facebook page, Kenneth Crawford suggested that we give some advice on getting more “bang” from writing on HubPages. Seeing how vast our site is, this is a fabulous subject! On a basic level, you can get more bang from your Hubs by writing on search-friendly topics and putting together high quality articles, but on a more elaborate level, you can get not only readership and earnings, but also a writing resources, helpful guides, detailed feedback, free inspiration, and quick help on HubPages.

In this week’s podcast (How to Make the Most of HubPages), we delve into the many different helpful nooks and crannies of HubPages, and discuss how you can get as much as possible from the site. You’ll quickly discover that we’re much more than just a publishing platform or convenient source of supplementary income.

What are your favorite lesser-known HubPages features? We’d be most curious to know. We’d also love to know what you think we should cover in future Online Writing Insider podcasts, so send your thoughts, feedback, suggestions, and requests in an email to podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.

Thanks for this week’s theme, Kenneth!

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4 replies on “How to Make the Most of HubPages

  1. When I create a hub.If i haven’t published it. I wish it would appear at the top of the list instead of the bottom. I wish the title would be in a different color. Some times I start a story, get stumped. Put That idea on hold. But to get to it faster, if it were in a different text color, i would find it faster. I wish there was a color coded system. green means published. Purple is in the edit mode.

    Thank you.

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