Online safety is a big issue these days- it is difficult to go a week without hearing about it the news somewhere or another! Buzz-worthiness aside, it is very important that protect yourself while writing on HubPages and poking around elsewhere.

At the behest of Tracy Robinson on Facebook, we’ve made this week’s Online Writing Insider all about online safety for writers. As we view it, there are three major facets of online safety:

  • Physical safety
  • The safety of your intellectual property
  • Mental safety

Listen in to the podcast for tips on staying safe in each of these domains.

Thanks for the great subject Tracy! If you have a suggestion for a future Online Writing Insider podcast, we would love to hear it! Send your thoughts to podcast-at-HubPages-dot-com.

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2 replies on “How to Stay Safe Online

  1. i think to stay safe online is not to give websites you DO NOT know
    you should not give them your adress,date of birth,where you live or your phone number that is the way to stay safe online!

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