One of the many things that we are excited about this holiday season is about how well our Hubbers are doing on the Q&A section of HubPages. A recent report generated by our wonderful Ari Lamstein shows that a third of questions asked on our site get answered in less than 10 minutes, 70 percent get answered within 1 hour, 90 percent within 8 hours, and, in time, 99 percent of our questions are answered within the site!  Isn’t that wonderful?

So if you were wondering about the cure for hiccups, or the best way to bathe your cat, go ahead and ask here. Our marvelous Hubbers will have an answer for you, pretty darn soon, and they may even go ahead and write a Hub based on your question – after all, just in the last year alone, 3034 Hubs were written based on questions asked on the site.

Also, noteworthy: Q&As  do very well in traffic terms as well. In fact, the last year, collectively, all Q&As received more than one million page views. So the next time you have a question, or need advice, HubPages is an excellent resource for you.

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2 replies on “Your Questions, Answered!

  1. I’m new to the community but have been made very welcome from the start have already published two hubs and used the Q & A pages and tutorials but am still have simple problems like trying to add Hub to my facebook wall lol and also trying to post my Hubs on Hub page I must still be navigating incorrecting through the web-waters I’m sure given time I’ll get it or drown trying!

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