Are you the type to make impulse buys? Were you a troublemaker as a kid? Or are you, perhaps, a high-power CEO? You may have your name to thank for these developments.

Listen in to this week’s podcast (The Surprising Power of a Name) to discover some unexpected twists that may be caused by one’s name.  If you’re about to name a child, you may think twice about going with your first choice. You might also discover an excuse for your tragic failure in the sciences!

Big thanks to Stephanie Henkel for writing the fascinating Hub on which this podcast is based.  The Importance of a Name – How Your Name Affects Your Life is quite the enjoyable read.

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4 replies on “The Surprising Power of a Name

  1. You have me wondering how I would have turned out if I had been named “Debra” and been the oldest person in my grade instead of the youngest! Interesting podcast. Thanks, Simone and Marina!

  2. Very interesting stuff. I hope people get past the current trend of naming their children odd or cute names. And even regular names seem to have big connotations. Thanks for a very enlightening podcast.

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