The line between search-engine friendliness and authenticity is fraught with peril.

Many writers write witty, fun, humorous, and interesting titles that have no shot at being found by searchers. Others write titles that are so SEO-optimized that they look as though they have been written by over caffeinated robots (or, at the very least, spammers).  Is it possible to balance SEO-friendliness with authenticity?  Yes, actually!

Listen in to this week’s episode of the Online Writing Insider (How to Write SEO-Friendly (but AUTHENTIC!) Titles) to hear about our very simple approach to creating optimized, but human-sounding, titles.  You’ll be glad you did.

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4 replies on “How to Write SEO-Friendly (but AUTHENTIC!) Online Titles

  1. Listened to the podcast yesterday and discovered already – with some savvy title alterations that my Hubs have already seen some changes in the positive way for traffic.

    I would like to see some sustainability to having more natural sounding and reading style titles vs keyword stuffed titles. It is plain to me to see which type will win out over the long term.

    The beauty of this is it just doesn’t only mean titles used on Hubpages

  2. Writing for the web is like patting your head while rubbing your tummy.

    On one level, you’re writing for human readers, and that means engaging, informative, awesome writing. On the other level, you’re writing for search engines (since otherwise your writing can’t be found), and that means being specific, focused, relevant.

    When in doubt, of course, write for the humans. That comes first. But with practice, you really can learn to do both.

  3. I found this podcast very useful. Recently, I’ve been going through older Hubs, looking to see how they need to be updated and improved. The podcast suggestions are worth much, much more than the Title Tuner tool. Use your head first, a tool second.

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