Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsFor the first time ever, I am joined in the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts Podcast by Marina Lazarevic, and we decided to address a serious (or at least seriously awesome) subject: preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Because there are so many great zombie articles on HubPages, this podcast (Zombie ATTACK!) had to be about more than just one.  We ended up discussing four different zombie Hubs:

I hope you come away from this episode with a good zombie disaster plan.  Tell us about it, and also feel free to send over any suggestions for future podcast subjects!

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6 replies on “How to Survive a Zombie ATTACK!

  1. What Simone!!! You haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead!!!! go and watch it, it’s hilarious!

    Cheers for the mention of my Hub!…in an alternate reality I must have wrestled with zombies and won! lol!

    Got my beans at the ready and matches too…lol!

  2. Oh, indeed it is, Rusty! Thanks for sharing it!
    And yessss- I need to see Shaun of the Dead! I need to see a LOT of zombie flicks. Your Hub is awesome. And I know *I* have my can of beans at the ready.

  3. Tut tut…Tideowave, how little you know of these creatures, the zombies of the worlds filthy sewers took over just as the days of the living had ended and then we just had a cup of tea and busted some Zombie heads.

    Understand this Tideowave, Zombies are indeed real and you are one of them…..

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