A Hubber’s Guide to Facebook

Last week we published a new Learning Center guide sharing tips on using Twitter in a way that can benefit one’s Hubs and general online brand. This week, our focus turns to Facebook.

This second installment in a series of four guides to using social media as Hubber (which cover Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest) touches on:

  • Using the “Like” button on Hubs
  • Finding a good balance of posts and shared links so that your shares actually show up in people’s feeds
  • Monitoring the response to things you share to see what sort of content your friends are interested in
  • Boosting interaction with others to increase engagement with your own posts
  • Utilizing lists to share niche-style posts with specific groups
  • Friending other Hubbers on Facebook
  • Whether or not to create a Facebook page for your Hubs
  • Interacting with HubPages’ Facebook page and posts

Be sure to stop by the full Learning Center entry to explore all of these topics in detail!

We hope you find our advice to be useful, and that you take some time to sharpen your Facebook sharing and diplomacy skills! Savvy behavior on Facebook reflects well upon all facets of your online identity, both on HubPages and elsewhere.

[Image by Sean MacEntee, CC-BY, via flickr]


How to Survive a Zombie ATTACK!

Weekly Advice from Everyday ExpertsFor the first time ever, I am joined in the Weekly Advice from Everyday Experts Podcast by Marina Lazarevic, and we decided to address a serious (or at least seriously awesome) subject: preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Because there are so many great zombie articles on HubPages, this podcast (Zombie ATTACK!) had to be about more than just one.  We ended up discussing four different zombie Hubs:

I hope you come away from this episode with a good zombie disaster plan.  Tell us about it, and also feel free to send over any suggestions for future podcast subjects!

Documenting with Photos

Online Writing InsiderTaking photos for use in your own online articles is ridiculously easy, and seeing as they add so much value to your work, there is no excuse not to use them!

In this episode of the Online Writing Insider (Documenting with Photos), Jason Menayan and Her Brilliance (moi) share tips on documenting projects and other events (plus taking stock photos) for use in online articles.

Is there any sort of advice you’d like us to give in future Online Writing Insider podcasts?  Send your suggestions to us in an email!