This August, the plumbing category is going to be the place to be on HubPages for three reasons thanks to a special sponsorship from Drano:

  1. A Plumbing Contest: We will be hosting the Clogs to Coins contest, a special two-week contest in which we encourage you to turn your weekend plumbing tasks into useful Hubs that can serve as guides to others- and help you earn money online 🙂
  2. A Plumbing HubCamp: On Thursday, August 18th from 6:00 to 8:00pm, we will be hosting a special Clogs to Coins HubCamp at HubPages Headquarters in San Francisco. This HubCamp will give all attendees a leg up in the contest by helping them create awesome, attractive, search-friendly guides
  3. High CPMs in the Plumbing category: Drano is sponsoring our entire plumbing topic page in addition to the Clogs to Coins contest, so another benefit of submitting entries is that they will enjoy much higher CPMs (if you’re in the HubPages Ad Program) from August 22nd to September 22nd and November 14th to December 16th.

The best way to get involved, of course, is to attend the HubCamp if you’re in the SF Bay Area, participate in the contest, which runs from Sunday, August 21st (at noon PT) to September 4th (at noon PT), and generally publish new Hubs on plumbing!  If you plan on writing plumbing Hubs now, wait until August to publish them (with the tag: Drano) until the contest starts so that you have the chance to win $50, $100, or even $500 cash prizes.

In case you’re not sure what to write about, don’t worry! For each week of the contest, our Weekly Topic Inspiration program will be focusing on plumbing subjects – kitchens the first week, bathrooms the second.

I’ll share some keywords related to those Weekly Topic Inspiration topics that you might consider in your titles or in the body of your Hubs.  These keywords get more than 500 global monthly searches on Google, but fewer than 50,000, which means that they’re not too competitive.  To make sure that you have a good competitive chance, though, I recommend Googling a keyword before putting it in your title to make sure there are not already a bunch of competitive online articles that use the same keyword. If you’d like more helpful tips on keyword research, check out our Learning Center guide.

Keywords for Kitchen-Related Hubs on Plumbing

Clogs to Coins

  • kitchen sink plumbing
  • installing kitchen sink
  • install kitchen sink
  • fix kitchen faucet
  • how to fix a kitchen sink
  • kitchen sink repair
  • kitchen sink link
  • clogged kitchen sink
  • kitchen sink clogged
  • how to unclog a kitchen sink
  • kitchen sink drain repair
  • repair kitchen sink
  • clogged sink
  • leak under kitchen sink
  • unclogging a kitchen sink
  • sink drain repair
  • leaking kitchen sink
  • kitchen sink removal
  • fix kitchen sink
  • kitchen sink drain installation

Keywords for Bathroom-Related Hubs on Plumbing

  • clogged bathroom sink
  • bathroom sink installation
  • bathroom sink plumbing
  • install bathroom sink
  • bathroom sink clog
  • replace bathroom sink
  • plumbing bathroom sink
  • installing a bathroom sink
  • bathroom plumbing repair
  • installing bathroom plumbing
  • bathroom plumbing fixtures
  • bathroom rough plumbing
  • bathtub plumbing
  • bathroom plumbing diagram
  • bathroom plumbing supply
  • bathrooms plumbing
  • bathroom plumbing installation
  • bathroom plumbing supplies
  • plumbing bathroom fixtures
  • faucet plumbing
  • plumbing questions
  • plumbing a bathroom sink
  • home plumbing problems
  • plumbing remodeling
  • new bathroom plumbing
  • plumbing help

As you can see, there’s much to play with, so consider putting together some plumbing Hubs!  Even if they don’t win you $50, $100, or $500 in prize money in the Clogs to Coins contest, you’ll be enjoying some high CPMs- plus you’ll be turning projects, chores, and home improvement research drudgery into valuable online articles!

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2 replies on “Three Reasons to Write about Plumbing

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