Fascinating FictionMost of our Fascinating Fiction podcasts are just short stories, but from time to time, it’s hard to leave out snippets of longer series.  That is definitely the case with today’s podcast, The Family Secrets – Chapter 8, which is one chapter of a 40-part series by Joseph Owens (Dobson on HubPages).

If you like this chapter of the series, I recommend hopping over to its beginning.  Dobson has them wonderfully organized in a group on HubPages, so moving from one chapter to the next is a breeze.  Right now, Chapter 8 is the latest installment, but there are sure to be more!

Do you have a short story that you’d like to see featured in this podcast? Are you interested in providing your own recordings of your readings, or recording narration for others’ stories?  Drop us a line if you would like to join in on the fun!

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2 replies on “The Family Secrets – Chapter 8

  1. Thanks Simone! I hope our faithful Hub Pages crowd will take time to check this out! I am really excited about this opportunity and hope my fellow serial writers see an increase in readers and fans!

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