Today’s Fascinating Fiction podcast is read by the author.  This is always a fun opportunity, since we rarely get to hear HubPages authors read their work in their own voices!

In this podcast, Morten Rand (Fiction Factory on HubPages) reads Colors of the Mind, a story exploring moods, colors, and gatherings in which people display their moods by wearing certain colors.

Is there a great short story on HubPages that you’d love to hear read?  Tell us about it!  We’d also love to hear from you if you’re interested in contributing your voice to the podcast- either by reading your own short story or that of another Hubber.   HubPages is filled with amazing fiction- let’s share it!

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3 replies on “Colors of the Mind

  1. I have been publishing some short stories about the antics of children growing up in a rural environment and using their imaginations to create havoc for their long suffering Mama. The stories would make fun humorous reading. Are you interested in humor at all?
    There are three right now and are titled Once Upon A Childhood. I could read them or any story, but have a strong Tennessee accent so it would have to be the right story to fit my voice.
    Thanks so much, Hyphenbird.

  2. I loved the alternative narrative in the story. There is no distinct plot structure and characterization, but wonderful epiphany revelation. And I missed Simone’s voice.

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