Hubbie AwardIn this week’s Online Writing Insider podcast, Robin and I discuss the Importance of Community in writing online (and offline, too!).

In line with this podcast theme, I’m happy to announce that voting for the first annual Hubbie Awards is now open!

To submit your nominations (votes) for each Hubbie Award, enter the username of a Hubber or URL of a Hub into the corresponding text box in our official voting form.  We ask that you only submit your votes once, so make sure that you have all the Hubbers and Hubs you want to nominate on hand before you go to the form (the full listing of candidates is in our previous post introducing the awards).

Voting will be open for three weeks (it closes on August 3rd), so you’ve got plenty of time to think about who you think should win each award, but don’t worry if you don’t have someone in mind for each Hubbie- you don’t have to submit a nomination for each award.

We look forward to seeing which Hubbers and Hubs win each award, and look forward to celebrating the HubPages community with the winner announcements on August 5th!

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3 replies on “Hubbie Award Voting & The Importance of Community

  1. Before joining HubPages I wrote for couple of sites. One day I read an article about best writing sites, HubPages was listed as second to the site where I was reading the article. After joining HubPages I posted couple of articles and then forget about HubPages. However, for the last few weeks I read and commented voraciously. I was amazed by the way hubbers took interest in my hubs and accolades Hubpages awarded me. At present I have set a target of reading and commenting at least 20 hubs daily and writing at least 3 hubs every week.

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