Fascinating FictionThis week’s Fascinating Fiction podcast features a new spin on an old story.  In The Red Monologue 2.0 – From the Big Bad Wolf’s Big Mouth to Your Big Eyes, ProCW offers a new take on Little Red Riding Hood.

Listen in to the podcast (The Red Monologue 2.0) as I have a go at narrating (do everyone a favor, Gentle Reader, and volunteer to take over for me).  I hope you enjoy ProCW’s story!

Is there a short fictional story on HubPages that you think deserves more attention?  Tell us about it!  It may very well be featured in our next episode Fascinating Fiction.

We’re also looking for volunteers to do recordings of their own (or other Hubbers’) short stories.  If you’re interested, let us know!  We’d love to add your voice to the mix. 😀


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8 replies on “The Red Monologue 2.0

  1. Ahahahaaa 😛
    I consulted the people living in my head, and they replied: “Don’t quit your day job, kid.”
    But dangit, Chris, keep those fun Hubs coming!

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