Fascinating FictionWhile the HubPages Fascinating Fiction podcast is still in its infancy, we have already two stories with the word “evil” in the title!  There must be something particularly alluring about the dark side.

With When Evil Comes, akirchner (who typically writes nonfiction Hubs) took a walk on the wild side and explored the world of fiction in a Halloween-inspired piece.

Narrating this week’s story is Aficionada, who also did the narration for Will Starr’s Western Short Story- Hired On.  Her voices are absolutely top drawer.

Be sure to have a look at akircher’s original story: Fear Fiction: When Evil Comes– and check out her amazing and award winning fiction Hubs as well!

Have a short story Hub you’d like to recommend for the podcast? Send us an email – we’d love to know about it!

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