Next week, we will be rolling out some pretty nifty new notification features, making it easier (and more pleasant) for you to keep up on HubPages activity than ever. The new features will include:

  • A digest of all notifications: summarizing all the HubPages goings on you have been following in one convenient place
  • A new place on your Account where you can configure notifications: allowing you to set everything form one convenient location
  • Three choices as to how you receive notifications that can be edited from this panel: never, auto, and always

The “Never’ option ensures that you’ll never get an instant email, mobile notification, or digest email on Hubs, questions, and forum topics get new comments, answers, or posts.  The “Always” option ensures that you’ll (big surprise) always get such updates.

The “Auto” setting, which is the coolest, utilizes a nifty formula to send you updates only on new developments that are likely to interest you.  Details factored into such updates include the quality of the notification, your affinity for the particular Hubber involved (e.g. whether or not you’re following them, have visited their profile recently, etc.), this person’s HubScore, thumbs up or down on an answer, and whether or not you are following and frequently check in on the particular topic in question.  Your affinity for certain topics is even separated out by Hubs, questions, and forums, as not all Hubbers who enjoy hanging out in the religious forums, for example, read many religious Hubs.

Ari Lamstein is the man to thank for this nifty upcoming feature – but one should expect nothing less from a fan of guitar sonatas.  Props to him for implementing such a sophisticated notification system!  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Posted by:HubPages Admin

4 replies on “New Email Notification Features

  1. This sounds way beyond awesome and nearly impossibly sophisticated! I can’t wait to see how it works.

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