Online Writing InsiderIn this episode of the Online Writing Insider (The Importance of Quality Writing), Pia Chatterjee and I discuss various strategies writers can employ to boost the quality of our online articles.

Why is quality control important?

The internet has been a boon for writers in the sense that fewer people have to work through middlemen (such as magazines, newspapers, and publishing houses) to have their work shared with a large audience.  Today, anyone can write online, and it is wonderful!

There is one downside to the ease of online publication – because it is so easy to publish online, many of us take less care in the quality department than we should.

For this reason, I encourage you to listen in for helpful tips on quality control – and if you have any suggestions for future Online Writing Insider podcasts, email us!

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6 replies on “The Importance of Quality Writing

  1. Simone,
    Sounds like this could be a good podcast with valuable information. But…as I mentioned a while back to you in a forum, those of us on dial-up cannot view these podcasts!
    A written blog to go along with this would be greatly helpful to those of us without high speed internet.
    Also, I do not use Quicktime. For some reason it does not work with my Firefox.

    1. Michael – We’ll look at finding a way to create transcripts for podcasts, but for the time being, unfortunately, we’re limited to the audio format typical for podcasts. – Jason

    1. Michael – I’m afraid not, although the bandwidth requirements for audio are typically much lower than with video/audio like with YouTube.

  2. Jason,

    I am just wondering if a downloadable MP3 file my be a possible solution for those in Michael’s situation?

    1. Hi Kangaroo Jase – Yes, absolutely! Yes, streaming might be a problem for audio/video if you’re on dialup, but you can click the “download” link on every podcast and give it some time. 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

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