The Online Writing InsiderDo you augment your online articles, blog posts, and short fiction with any additional media?

In this episode of the Online Writing Insider, Robin and Simone discuss Online Writing and Additional Media: how photos, video, maps, tables, products, and more can be used to augment all sorts of articles- from recipes to fiction.

Is there something else you’d like us to share in this podcast?  Are there any additional issues regarding online writing that you wonder about? Let us know in the comments- we’ll be happy to cover your points of interest in future podcasts 😀


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6 replies on “The Online Writing Insider: Using Additional Media in Hubs

  1. Can you also include a transcript of these podcasts – I log on to Hubpages during lunch at work and cannot view the podcasts – so a transcript would be really useful!

  2. Hi kathy and SimeyC! This is a podcast, so the player at the bottom is just for audio. We don’t have a transcript of the podcast since we’re just recording our live conversation, however you can download the podcast and listen to it on any media player. 😀

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