Though each contest on HubPages seems to be better than the last, April’s So You Think You Can Write Online proved to be far and away the most impressive competition our site has yet to see.  Because there was no limiting category, entrants were free to write on what interested them most, and a plethora of real masterpieces resulted!

screen-shot-2011-05-05-at-9-27-18-am1One such masterpiece is the $250 Grand Prize winner of the contest.  Now that the votes are in and tallied, I am happy to announce that E. A. Wright has won.  Her beautiful Hub on Where To Find flowers In Central Park in April wowed the contest judges with its gorgeous images, detailed information, innovative quiz, and even useful maps pinpointing specific gardens of note within this beautiful urban park.

The amount of effort E. A. Wright put into this Hub is apparent not only in the maps (which had to be anchored using longitudinal coordinates, as the gardens had no particular street address), but also in the detailed table addressing different flowers and blooming times, the helpful links, and the beautiful photographs, which E. A. Wright herself had taken.

If you have not already read the Hub, do have a look – and be sure to congratulate E. A. Wright on her win!

Where To Find Flowers In Central Park In April is just one of 3,963 spectacular entries in this contest, which were submitted by 973 unique participants.

Other awesome entries (and winners in the contest) include an introduction to audiograms, a guide to repairing computer fans, tips for first-time campers, plus guides to truffles (not the chocolate kind), growing potatoes, making brochures, and attracting bluebirds.  Like the Grand Prize winner, these People’s Choice and Best Hub-winning entries are packed with original images, helpful advice, tables, maps, videos, and all sorts of cool features.

To see a complete list of the So You Think You Can Write Online contest, visit the official contest page.  And be sure to keep an eye out for the next HubPages competition!

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3 replies on “Our April Contest – It’s a Wrap!

  1. It’s really motivating to read this blog post. My heartfelt congrats to one and all winners of this contest. Congratulations to HubPages for getting out the masterpieces from the hubbers and paving way for more creative writers in future through ‘So You Think ou Can Write Online’.

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