Perhaps you have noticed the small contest link in the top right navigation bar on HubPages.  You know what that means – another contest is on the way!

Coming up this April is the So You Think You Can Write Online contest – the theme of which is excellent online writing.  You can submit entries on any topic you choose – all you have to do is add a “WritingContest” tag before you publish.

Our contest judges, experts on the HubTool, writing, useful online guides, and viral online articles, will be looking for interesting topics, search-friendly titles, ship-shape grammar, unique, useful information, and tasteful use of varying HubTool capsules.

There is a limit of five entries per day, but each entry will have a chance to win $50 in a random daily drawing, $50 for being the Staff Pick of the day, $100 for being a People’s Choice of the week (based on popular vote), $100 for winning the Best Hub prize for a week (based on contest judge ranking), and $250 for being a Grand Prize winner.

You can first start submitting entries for the contest on March 31st at 12:00pm (PT) and can continue submitting entries until 12:00pm on April 28th.

Before the contest starts, we’ll be interviewing some of the contest judges, so check back here to get helpful pointers on writing winning entries.

I hope you decide to enter in the contest – it will be great fun, plus it is an excellent way to hone and prove your online writing skills!

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15 replies on “It’s Contest Time Again!

  1. Shouldn’t that be March? LOL, I’m really looking forward to this jump starting my writing again.

  2. Can we post entries starting today, and when the contest is beginning we can add the “WritingContest” tag to already written ones ?

    1. Aysun – contest entries can be submitted starting at noon (PT) on March 31st. Entries do not count if they have already been published – only new Hubs can be entered in the contest. Hope that helps!

  3. LOL, not a problem Simone. I am really excited though and have started researching topics. One hub done, but not typed up or anything yet.

  4. Are we expect to publish hubs weekly during the competition month or what? And can the same hub remain on our account after the competition?

  5. While reading the contest rules, I noticed that in one place it gave the minimum number of words as 300, in another place it says 400. I just want to clarify the word count to make sure me, and any others, will not be disqualified. Thank you

  6. davidkaluge – you can publish Hubs during any day of the contest. The only limitation is that you can publish no more than five entries per day.
    miss_jkim – thanks so much for pointing that out! I’ve fixed the typo – the minimum word count for contest entries is 400 words 😀

  7. I’m excited about the contest. I read the criteria from the contest home page and it implies that the best hubs are not “cluttered” with eBay and Amazon capsules. If your Hub is improved by providing readers with the appropriate links to purchase relevant items, it becomes highly serviceable and convenient, but the Hub layout can look “busy”. It’s a tricky balance to determine clutter. Any suggestions?

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