As we continue to adjust our way through the most recent Google algorithm changes, we are actively reviewing how we can improve the HubPages experience and make adjustments to improve the site and experience.  As mentioned in previous posts, we have already made some changes, primarily focused at weeding out lower quality content that adds little to no value to the site and community and to optimize the advertising layouts.  In the upcoming weeks, I expect to announce further changes we will implement aimed at improving sitewide experience and quality of Hubs.  We have various methods for measuring “quality” including HubScore, community ratings and feedback, link quality, etc.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we devise and implement our next course of action. The most important effect of the next wave of changes will be to our writers who will benefit from a rise in the overall quality of content published on HubPages and the removal of lower quality content that tends to decrease  traffic and visitors’ experience to the site.  I see a lot of great discussions in the forums and am encouraged to see so many active members of the community that are just as concerned and motivated to improve the site as we are.

I will keep you guys updated – so stay tuned!  And in the meantime, PLEASE continue to help out by flagging Hubs that you come across that violate our existing editorial policy.

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  1. Ok great, thanks. Is there a chance you could clear up the witch hunt thing. I feel it a fair label in view of some things that have been posted regarding specific hub formats – poetry and fiction. Your aim is to improve quality, not make individual hubbers feel as though the better get their hat and coat on, right?

    From what I can see, if an individual is using HP as the platform that it was intended to be used as then it’s all good. Poets, story tellers and marketers – there’s a place for us all.

  2. I have a thought that would make flagging hubs a little easier for the mods at hubpages and for us hoppers as well. Instead of.. hmmm I’m going to have to draw this out… no problem:

    Basically, you select checkboxes (multiple ones if you wish) as to what the problem is… in order to fine tune it for the mod… and for the hopper, less reason to have to fill out the comment box.

    I mean, leave the comment box there in case its needed, but I feel compelled to write the exact reason I flag a hub which makes me less apt to hop.

  3. If Hubpages doesn’t work on making this site user friendly again I predict a mass exodus. I’m about an inch away from leaving the site altogether after four years of being here.

  4. I’m also in danger of having 100 hubs unpublished because of the new rules. That’s about 1/3 of my hubs. This is beginning to feel a lot like working for a corporation with quarterly reviews. Should I go back to my cubicle and behave myself now?

  5. Many of us have had to “tune up” our Hubs to comply with the new quality standards. About 10% of mine were forced to be updated. I’m sure we can all understand that maintaining high quality standards is a top priority right now, and that we have to apply those standards fairly.

    frogdropping – We’re absolutely still a home for poets, storytellers, and marketers. Although changes like these inevitably induce some panic among some people, our essential goal hasn’t changed – to be the best place online for top-quality content.

  6. I think it’s inevitable some feathers will be ruffled. Like it or not, HubPages HAS been evolving. The algo change is just forcing HP to crystallise the new philosophy, that’s all.

    I vividly recall my introduction to the forums three years ago – I was crucified because I dared question a Hub which consisted of one (copied) cartoon. It was created by an established Hubber and I was told ‘hands off’ – it was legitimate to use a Hub to share ‘stuff’ you found on the net with other Hubbers.

    Today no one would question the need to flag that Hub as both substandard and duplicate, even before the algo change. I’m sure that Hubber is not the only one to have Hubs left over from that early phase of HubPages, and inevitably some of those aren’t going to like the changes. That’s life.

  7. I understand the need to trim products from hubs and relocate products from the top of a hub.

    My only concern that that any future improvements will require another round of editing of product hubs. For example another change the position of the products. The reason why this is happening is clear and this isn’t meant as criticism. Only that it would be helpful if we could get a comprehensive list of actions needed so they could be done once.

  8. Thank God my experience with Hubpages starts now. I appreciate the automated features that keep my articles unique. Like what a challenge for a writer who’s subject consists of a vertical market. I seem to be always writing about the same thing. Hubpages improves my writing with this alone.

    Thank you for the challenge.

  9. I have difficulty understanding how “lower quality content” decreases traffic. A number of my hubs some of which were pretty meager and out of date which were unpublished as “lower quality” were still getting some traffic. Moreover, what may appear to one person :”lower quality” may be enjoyed and considered high quality by someone else. Hubpages steadily increased its traffic by opening it’s doors pretty wide but now is losing traffic not only as a result of Google’s new algorithm, but also by HubPages’ slightly different algorithm and by being “cannibalized” by Hubbers flagging each other and by moderators sometimes, in my opinion, not applying the rules with commonsense. Nevertheless, I’m sure that thanks to the integrity and ability of the people at Hubpages and the quality of its Hubbers the current trend will be reversed and the increase in traffic will resume. It’s a wonderful site which provides enjoyment and income to many people around the world.

  10. Looks to me like the changes are having an effect. My search engine traffic here had plummeted, but the past few days are almost back where it was before TAD (That Awful Day).

  11. I am somewhat baffled by the response of those who feel they deserve special treatment because of length of time writing here.
    A business or company may or may not consider length of time when forced to make changes to stay afloat. Look at the thousands of unemployed people suddenly left with no job after years of dedication and generating profit for their companies. Were they given special favor? Many were simply told, “your services are no longer needed.” It’s obvious changes are necessary, regardless of tenure or profit generation. Everyone is included. HP gives us the platform to work from. They don’t owe us anything. I think they have been more than fair.

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