JanieWrites on HubPages
JanieWrites on HubPages

Though Hubbers stand to earn an income from Hubs alone, publishing on HubPages can also lead to income- as well as new opportunities- through other channels.  Hubber JanieWrites discovered this a while back, and has shared her story with us below:

In February, 2009, I posted a Hub: APA Formatting in a Nutshell. A couple months later I was contacted by Dave Dunn, one of the founders of a training company in New York.

He had read my Hub and had a need for someone to develop a course in APA formatting for a client. He asked if I was interested. Of course, I said yes, and I wrote an outline for a course in APA formatting for business people.

The course is currently posted on the training company’s website, but so far has not generated any students. The original client evidently changed his mind. However, in early 2010 I was again contacted by the training company, this time to ask if I was interested in teaching a live online class.

They already had all my information, including tax forms, etc. from when I originally wrote the APA course. Again, I said yes, and now I do training for the company, both in live online classes and in face-to-face sessions where I travel around the country delivering training in business topics like writing, communication, marketing, etc. All because Mr. Dunn read my Hub!

.     .     .

How cool is that?
The lesson here is that HubPages is more than a community of writers, more than a site on which you can earn an income from your Hubs, and more than a place to read fun articles – HubPages can be a place to be found by potential employers, too!

Congrats to JanieWrites – that’s an awesome story!  If you’d like to see more HubPages Success Stories, check out our Success Stories page.

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12 replies on “Finding Work Through HubPages: JanieWrites’ Success Story

  1. That is fantastic news! You took a topic that not very many people know, broke it down and wrote it in such a way that you caught someone’s attention.
    You give me hope. Thanks!

  2. so inspiring and promising for young people like me…i am glad to read your success story, thanks for sharing.

  3. That is indeed very cool and deserves a lot of congratulations. It sounds very interesting to be able to do both the training and traveling.

  4. That’s cool, for sure. I was also thinking about connection between HubPages and employers – after writing a dozen hubs one has some portfolio. Like, “See, I’m a music journalist” or “I have experience in writing online articles.”

    The whole story is a proof that your efforts will be rewarded sometime.

  5. Congratulations to you! Like E Jay I’m also new to Hub pages and it’s nice to hear a success story from here.

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